Where can I find Niagara Falls Maps?

Looking at online maps of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area, it may be dwarfed by the sheer scale tools like Google Maps runs by. When you can zoom out to the scope of the entire globe, what is the Niagara Peninsula in comparison to all that?

But once you’re in the area, things may seem a lot bigger and if you’re planning to venture anywhere outside of Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake, it may feel easy to get lost or just not know where to go. Here are a number of places, online and off, where you can find Niagara Falls Maps.

Niagara Falls GPS Maps

Google Maps and other GPS software, of course, act as a major timesaver for tourists of all types and levels of experience. And Niagara Falls GPS maps are very effective – considering that you know what you’re looking for. Having a digital map in your pocket is certainly useful, but direction software is only as good as the directions it has to work with. And google searches can often be general at best, especially when thumbing around the search results on a smaller smartphone.

Printed Niagara Falls Maps

So to get the full picture of where you want to go and how to get there, the best way you’ll get what you need is by drawing on local resources for printed maps of Niagara Falls. If you’re staying at a hotel or motel, don’t just walk past the racks of brochures by the reception or foyer. Even if you think you’ve got your activities planned out, take the time to have a look– it’s a great place to find a Niagara Falls Map. There’s always something you haven’t heard about, and the information provided in these handouts can be very useful, and may cover details you hadn’t even considered (unique closing times, for example).

Major tourist spots, of course, will always be a treasure trove of local info. Tourist hubs like the Table Rock Welcome Centre can help by providing hard copy maps and directions to major attractions – sometimes having a physical reference is invaluable for making sense of unfamiliar roads.

Local’s Directions of Niagara Falls

Don’t be afraid to ask a local’s advice. Whether it’s someone manning an information desk or a friendly-looking pedestrian, just having that quick interaction with someone who knows the lay of the land can save you a lot of trouble – and may even let you in on a few less well-known destinations worth checking out. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a Niagara Falls Map written on a piece of paper for you.

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Top Gluten Free Restaurants in Niagara Falls

If you are in Niagara Falls and wish to feast on some fabulous food that is also gluten-free, you will be pleasantly surprised. The city has a wide range of restaurants and eateries that offer myriad cuisines. The best part about some of these restaurants is that they also offer gluten-free meals. So those who adhere to such a diet can do so at some of these amazing places. Here are the top gluten-free restaurants in the city.

Milestones at Marriott on the Falls Hotel

With a fabulous location and an extensive menu offering delectable dishes, Milestones on the Falls restaurant also scores on the gluten-free front. It not only has dishes on its menu that are gluten-free but also has a dedicated area to produce the gluten-free food.

The gluten-free dishes on the menu are marked in green and some other dishes labelled with a tick mark also have gluten-free options available. Starters such as Yam Frites, Mediterranean Goat Cheese Platter, Garlic Cheese Bread, salads, Roasted Field Mushroom Gemelli Pasta, Butternut Squash Ravioli and other dishes are made gluten-free.

Mains such as the Mediterranean Chicken also have a gluten-free option available. The yummy Ganache Torte is a dessert that uses fine Belgian chocolate, crushed pecan crust and house-made salted caramel sauce. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your gluten-free meal while admiring the fantastic view of the Niagara Falls.

Queen Charlotte Tea Room

If you wish to have a lovely British high-tea experience that also has gluten-free options, head to the Queen Charlotte Tea Room. It has all the traditional British tea-time treats and comfort food. Cakes, pastries, cookies, scones as well as sandwiches, fish and chips, chicken pot pies, sticky toffee pudding and more are some of the goodies available here. Many of these dishes are gluten-free and delicious. People who follow a gluten-free diet will be happy to discover the number of options available.

Located on the Main Street, Niagara Falls, the restaurant has a lovely ambience and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. If you wish to enjoy high tea, you need to make a 24 hour advance reservation.

Moksha Indian Bistro

Fancy an Indian meal but don’t know if there are gluten-free options? Well, Moksha Indian Bistro has a regular menu as well as a separate dedicated menu for gluten-free food. The aromas, fresh ingredients, spices, colours and of course the taste will appeal to those who like Indian food.

Most of the dishes on the menu are North Indian and you can head to the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It offers a modern Indian dining experience and also has various food options including gluten-free food.

The wide range of gluten-free options include street snacks and chaats as well as curries including chicken lamb, shrimp, dal and saag. Soups and salads, chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetable biryani, and various other wonderful vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available here. Friendly service and thoughtful staff make this restaurant located at Stanley Avenue a great place for gluten-free food.

Frijoles Burritos

Stop by Frijoles Fresh Mex Burritos for some lip-smacking Mexican treats! Located on Portage Road, Frijoles offers amazing burritos and tacos with tasty toppings and sauces. If you crave Mexican food but want it gluten-free, head to this snack shop and eat away. There are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options at Frijoles and its popularity can be gauged by the crowds that want to enjoy a quick meal.

If you wish to have a gluten-free taco, you can choose from the soft gluten-free corn or flour tortilla. Then opt for your choice of filling be it fish, meat or vegetarian. You can garnish it with a wide range of toppings and sauces such as crispy cabbage, pico de gallo, hot sauce or cheese, sour cream and lettuce.

The portions are generous so you can beat those hunger pangs and fill your stomach. Frijoles uses fresh ingredients and also has salads that are gluten-free. There are a few tables so you can always sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal if you are not in a hurry.

Fallsview Buffet

If you wish to have a fine-dining experience that also has options for people who follow a gluten-free diet, the Fallsview Buffet is a great choice. Located in the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel on Falls Avenue, this restaurant has splendid views of the Niagara Falls as well as delicious food.

With an eighty-foot buffet, there is a huge range of dishes prepared from the finest and freshest ingredients. There are gluten-free dishes on the buffet table and personalised gluten-free dishes can also be made available on request. So if you are heading there for breakfast or dinner, you can rest easy knowing that you have yummy gluten-free options available. Try the gluten-free pizza, pasta and other delicious food. You can always talk to the chefs who will be more than happy to guide you with the gluten-free options.

Enjoy Gluten Free Food in Niagara

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Why are there so many Rainbows in Niagara Falls?

While Niagara Falls in itself is spectacular, the presence of rainbows on a clear, sunny day makes the sight even more beautiful. With the right vantage point, you can spot a stunning rainbow or even double rainbows at the falls.

Rainbows over Niagara Falls

Usually, we see rainbows when sunlight and rain combine to spread a spectrum of colours in the sky. As the sunlight travels through the water in the raindrops, it reflects the colours that we call a rainbow. A rainbow can also form at waterfalls such as the Niagara Falls. When the sun shines brightly during the day, you can see lovely rainbows forming at the falls. In this case, the rainbow is formed as result of the mist in the air around the falls.

The Niagara Falls flows down from a great height and as it crashes into the river below it releases mist or tiny water droplets. Since the huge volumes of water are continuously flowing down, the mist remains suspended in the air around the falls. So when sunlight passes though the mist, it results in the formation of the pretty rainbows over the falls.

Multiple Niagara Falls Rainbows

You can also spot secondary rainbows or twin rainbows as well. The double reflection of sunlight in the misty water results in the formation of two rainbows. The colours of the secondary rainbow are lighter than the colours of the primary rainbow. All you need is a good vantage position and you can be assured of seeing this wonderful sight. The lovely hues of the rainbow against the white cascading waterfall, the flowing river and blue skies make for an impressive sight. It’s as if nature has decided to put up a spectacular show of light and colour just for you. This sight also provides for great photo opportunities.

360 Degree Niagara Falls Rainbow

In fact, if you are lucky and if you go to the right viewing spot, you can even see a 360-degree rainbow. This means that you can see the rainbow in a circular formation instead of a semi-circular one. To see this rare formation, you need a high vantage point instead of a ground-level one. If the light conditions and position of the sun are suitable, you can spot a 360-degree rainbow from the Skylon Tower or any other viewpoint located high above the falls.

So if you happen to head out on a bright, sunny day at Niagara Falls, head to a good viewpoint and be prepared to be mesmerised by the rainbows!

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Who was the First Person to Tightrope Walk Across Niagara Falls?

Imagine walking across the Niagara Falls on a tightrope with the heavy winds, the thick mist and the thundering sounds around you. The thought itself is enough to send a shiver down one’s spine but some really courageous daredevils have attempted this. While it’s a risky proposition, the first to person to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope was Jean-Francois Gravelet, also known as Charles Blondin.

Niagara Falls Daredevil Charles Blondin

Charles Blondin became the first man to walk on a tightrope downstream from the Niagara Falls across the gorge in 1859.

He had done numerous stunts but this was clearly his biggest one. Blondin always prepared well for his acts. For his Niagara Falls stunt, he went all out to create awareness about the act before the actual performance. He contacted the Niagara Falls Gazette which carried the news of the daredevil performing the tightrope walk. Soon, other newspapers too became aware about the stunt and the news spread like wildfire.

On the day of the stunt, thousands of people gathered to watch the daredevil perform the risky act. **Blondin had to walk on a 1,100-foot long cable** with a balancing pole and cross the gorge at a height of about 160 feet. While the cable had a steep climb at both ends, it sagged at the centre. There was no safety equipment in case he plunged into the river so that made the stunt quite hazardous. But Blondin, with his many years of daredevilry, was no stranger to danger. He was so sure of the success of his stunt that he even offered to carry a volunteer on his back while crossing the gorge. But he had no takers.

Tight walking Across Niagara Falls

The crossing started late afternoon with Blondin dressed in pink tights and a yellow tunic. He made the dangerous stunt look easy while walking on the three-inch thick cable. In fact, he made the stunt quite entertaining by actually lying down to rest for some time. He also stood on one leg on the cable high above the flowing waters. **Blondin comfortably completed the stunt in approximately 17 minutes to loud cheers from the crowd**. And he also went back across the rope in a much shorter time. The daring stunt got rave reviews all over North America and Europe.

Multiple Trips over Niagara Falls

Blondin didn’t just stop at one attempt. He went on to cross the gorge near the falls a few more times. Each time he would bring up an innovative way to cross it. These included walking the tightrope blindfolded, carrying his manager on his back and pushing a wheelbarrow on the cable. Several people tried the stunt after him but ‘The Great Blondin’ was definitely the trailblazer. Recently in 2012, **Nik Wallenda** became the first person to do a tightrope walk directly over the Niagara Falls and not downstream from it.
Charles Blondin paved the way for other adventurous individuals and his name will be right on top whenever there is a mention of the daredevils of Niagara Falls.

Look out over many of the spots that Blondin walked across during your upcoming Niagara Falls stay. This piece of Niagara Falls History is truly given context when standing beside the sheer power of the Falls.

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What time is Niagara Falls open until?

A frequent question that we receive is: what are the typical hours for Niagara Falls attractions, shopping, casino’s and restaurants?

Considering how open Niagara Falls is to visitors, are locations always open?

What time is Niagara Falls open until?
Niagara Falls is open 24 hours per day.

Other public park locations, the Niagara Parkway, and a few select attractions are also open 24 hours.Others remain open in a similar fashion to other Ontario based businesses.

What time are Niagara Falls Attractions open until?

So what do you need to know? Here’s a checklist of the most frequently asked about locations:

  • Getting in and out of town is, of course, a 24-hour opportunity. The bridge crossings between the US and Canada are always operational.
  • Niagara Falls itself flows 24 hours a day; before 9am there is little traffic in front of the Falls, even in the busy summer months. The Falls are also a great place to see late into the evening thanks to nightly Niagara Falls Illuminations.
  • Niagara Falls Casinos, on both sides of the border (Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara in Canada, and Seneca in the United States), keep services open 24 hours a day.
  • Hotel and accommodation front desks will vary depending on the establishment. Larger hotels like the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa and Marriott on the Falls have check-in personnel and other staff available around the clock, but that may not always be the case at other hotels. Always check times before checking in.
  • Most malls in town, such as the Outlet Collection, will follow a rough timetable of 10 am until 9 pm. Some complexes like the Fashion Outlets in New York’s part of Niagara will have some reduced hours (like shorter Sundays), so plan accordingly.
  • Regular restaurants generally close between 10 pm and midnight – some pubs and bistros may keep open until 1 am, such as the Niagara Brewing Company near Clifton Hill, but that’s about as far as they usually go. (On the other hand, breakfast is usually available all around town from 6.30 to 10am, so a good balance between early birds and night owls).
  • Dance clubs will usually be open until 2 am on weekends, although bigger venues like Dragonfly might push on until 2:30am.
  • Some attractions like the Niagara Skywheel will keep running until midnight, but most attractions won’t stay open past the standard dinnertime. Morning schedules usually start between 9–10am, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Public transport such as WEGO will wrap up with final services leaving shortly after midnight most evenings. Morning services are usually from 6–7am onwards, but exact times vary depending on the route so check ahead.

Use this information to help plan your perfect Niagara Falls vacation. If you have any additional questions regarding hours please ask our front desk or concierge during your stay.

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Airports near Niagara Falls

Are you planning a Niagara Falls vacation? If you intend to travel by air, three airports in the Niagara region are the best choices for you. Fly into one of these airports, head to your destination and enjoy your vacation. The airports are Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Niagara Falls Airport both in New York and Pearson Airport, Toronto.

Airports in Niagara Falls Region

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

You can fly in from New York City, Boston, Chicago or other locations (which allows for international connections) to this airport and then travel to Niagara Falls in Buffalo as well as Ontario, Canada. It is only a short distance to the falls from the airport. Buffalo Niagara International Airport is (code BUF).

Top-notch facilities await the traveler including food, shopping, free Wi-Fi and transportation facilities. Open around the clock, the terminal has two levels with seating for passengers. You can satisfy your hunger at one of the food joints or indulge in some shopping at any of the stores in the airport. Travel to and from the terminal in the transportation shuttles that are available 24/7 and run every 15 minutes. There are taxis, rental cars, buses, limousines and other travel options to choose from. In fact, it is only a 45-minute ride to Niagara Falls, Ontario by taxi or shuttle. The same distance can be covered in 60 minutes by bus.

Niagara Falls Airport

If you want to avoid the busy major North American airports, you can travel to your destination via the Niagara Falls airport (code IAG). It is located very close to the Canada-US border and is just a short distance away from the famous waterfalls. So it is an great air travel choice for your Niagara vacation. The airport has several facilities for a comfortable travel experience. These include a wide range of food and beverage items, and vending machines dispensing soda, coffee, juices, water and snacks. Free Wi-Fi at the airport will keep you connected.

Parking is available at the airport and free electric car charging terminals have been installed near the terminal for those who use such vehicles. There’s a wide range of transport at the airport that can take you to your destination. These include bus and rail services, taxis, rental cars, limousines and more.

The Airport specialises in smaller carrier flights from the southern United States, with the majority of flights originating from the state of Florida or South Carolina.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Another great air travel choice to reach Niagara Falls is by flying in to the Pearson Airport (code YYZ) in Toronto. It’s one of the busiest and largest airports in Canada. The airport sees more than 443,000 flights a year and 41 million passengers use this airport annually.

The airport has some fabulous facilities for passengers including the best food and beverage choices for quick bites and elaborate meals. High-quality shopping and vacation essentials are available at various stores. There’s also free Wi-Fi, an art gallery and a Meet and Greet Concierge Service. The transportation facilities ensure that you reach your destination quickly and comfortably. Climb inside one of the taxis, buses, limousines, car rentals or Out-of-Town Van Services and head to any destination including Niagara Falls for a memorable vacation.

All three of these airports are within roughly an hours drive of our hotel, making a trip from great distances in North America or Internationally feasible for all travelers looking to view the 8th wonder of the World, Niagara Falls, in person.

Niagara Region Airport Codes:

  • BUF (Buffalo Niagara International Airport)
  • IAG (Niagara Falls International Airport)
  • YYZ (Toronto Pearson International Airport)

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How Tall is Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is impressive regardless of statistics – even if those statistics on its status as a landmark are impressive. You can read about how over 168,000 cubic metres of water flows over the falls every minute, but that doesn’t convey the awe-inspiring sound that massive volume of water makes as it cascades over the edge.

But the one stat that is often seen as a measure of character is height. It way very well be nearly a kilometre (0.6 of a mile) of falling water but how tall is Niagara Falls?

The height of Niagara Falls, depending on where the measurement is taken:

Varies between 51 metres (167 feet) and 57 metres (188 feet).

The water itself plunges deeper than that, as the Niagara River’s depth is another 56.6 metres (185 feet) on average.

How Tall is Niagara Falls Comparative Infographic

How Tall is Niagara Falls Comparative Infographic

So what are some other landmarks and iconic sights that compare with the height of Niagara Falls? Well, to give some context, the 170-feet plummet from cliff to river is roughly equal to the following:

  • The average height of the geothermal eruptions of Old Faithful, the iconic cone geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US.
  • The height of the various natural limestone pillars off the coast along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The pillars are tourist-drawing landmarks and known as the Twelve Apostles, even though there’s only eight remaining after natural erosion.
  • The structural height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy.
  • Slightly taller than the highest point of St Basil’s Cathedral (at about 47.5 metres or 156 feet), the architecturally unique Red Square church in Moscow, Russia.
  • Also a few metres/feet taller than the Arc de Triomphe, the 50-metre monument in Paris honouring the fallen soldiers of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

All of these comparisons may sound impressive – and, especially when combined with all the other figures about Niagara Falls, the result is undoubtedly impressive – but none of these numbers compare with being there, seeing the river rushing and hearing the sound of that massive amount of water going over that 170-foot drop. It’s that experience that leaves more of an impression than anything else.

Witness this World Wonder in person by visiting Niagara Falls. Stay at the Closest Hotel to Niagara Falls, the Marriott on the Falls hotel. View our: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages

Niagara: Top Gay Friendly Destination in Ontario

In 2014 Toronto hosted WorldPride, a gathering of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community members. In doing so, it showed that the province of Ontario takes pride in equality and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. In fact, according to the Discover Gay Ontario travel guide, Ontario is great destination for the LGBT community, and both cities as well as small towns are wonderful places for the community to visit and explore. According to the travel guide, Niagara Falls tops the list of gay friendly destinations in Ontario outside of Toronto.

Niagara Falls : Top LGBT Community

Top 5 destinations, according to Discover Gay Ontario:

  1. Niagara Falls
  2. St. Catharines
  3. Twenty Valley
  4. Brockville
  5. Prince Edward County

In fact all top three locations are all within the Niagara Region, and a 30 minute drive of Niagara Falls. What’s interesting about the list is that it’s usually the big cities that are often perceived to be gay friendly but as this list proves, even small towns welcome the community whole-heartedly. During the WorldPride in Toronto, LGBT members from various parts of Canada as well as from around the world discovered that Ontario was indeed a warm and welcoming destination.

Niagara Falls Welcoming LGBT Community

A research done by Travel Gay Canada highlighted the need by its consumers for safety and security and a feeling of being accepted by the larger community. The beautiful city of Niagara Falls embraces everyone within its fold and is a great destination for the LGBT community. In fact to officially welcome the WorldPride in 2014, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board lit the spectacular waterfalls in the colours of the rainbow and the city also welcomed thousands of visitors from the world over to discover its beauty and warmth.

Niagara Falls LGBT Marriages

With the volatile situation in some parts of the world, the gay community will find Niagara Falls not only friendly but also safe. There’s plenty of activities to experience here from exploring the falls and the exciting night life to adventure activities and romantic outings. You can even get married in Niagara Falls, in fact it’s one of the most romantic places to get hitched. Same-sex marriages are legal in Ontario. According to the declaration made by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in 2003, same-sex couples have the right to be legally married. Of course depending on the local laws in your country, the marriage may or may not be recognised in those places but the wedding is legal according to Ontario’s laws.

So come to Niagara Falls, the best gay friendly destination in Ontario for an eventful stay and beautiful memories.

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Niagara Falls Drone Regulations

Niagara Falls is one of the best places in the world to capture Drone Footage. A video of the majestic Falls, a trip over Clifton Hill, and various vineyard shots make it the ideal location. But there are rules attached to flying Drones on either side of the Canadian/US Border.

Drone Technology Advacements

Technology often moves faster than legislation. So when new gadgets and fads come onto the market, sometimes it can be a little blurry what can and can’t be done with them. A strong case in point lately has been the astounding popularity and availability of professional and personal drone devices. Originally an expensive niche hobby that is becoming more and more mainstream as sophisticated models become more affordable, the main personal use for drones is photography – either as a unique way to capture high-altitude footage or as the ultimate selfie.

But in a place like Niagara Falls, popular with drone users for the natural landscape around the waterfalls, what is allowed in terms of a drone’s use and international flight zones?

The short answer is, don’t expect to soar through the skies with absolutely no restrictions, on either side of the Falls.

Disclaimer – information is accurate up until May 25th, 2016. Please check authoratative bodies found at the end of article for update rules & regulations

Niagara Falls Canada Drone Regulations

Aerial traffic is generally regulated in Niagara Falls. On the Canadian side, the rule of thumb is that the airspace up to 3500 feet above sea level and 3000 feet above ground level is restricted space. This restriction extends from Welland River, south of the falls, to the Niagara Whirlpool.

The reason for this is twofold. First, Canada has general restrictions in place for unregistered flying craft, either piloted or unmanned, within any township – the above limitations basically covers the Canadian side of the town of Niagara Falls. Second, helicopter traffic for tours and private flights makes any unanticipated aircraft a major hazard.

Niagara Falls US Drone Regulations

In United States territories, the rules are a little more relaxed. As long as you keep the craft within eyesight, under 400 feet and at least 5 miles away from any airstrip, you’re generally okay. However, Niagara Falls International Airport is relatively close to the New York township – you might be fine closer to the river, but check your distance and ask local authorities if unsure.

Lastly, any non-recreational use of unmanned aircraft (e.g. taking photos to sell or use in professional media) requires authorisation. In the US the regulatory body is the FFA; on Canadian land, it’s Transport Canada. Make sure you know the guidelines and where it’s safe to take off.

For those interested in operating a Niagara Falls Drone, you can view each regulatory body:

  • US – FAA Drone Regulations
  • Canada – Transport Canada Drone Regulations

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Is Niagara Falls 8th Wonder of the World?

The Seven Wonders of the World is a classic list, dating back to early Ancient Greece and in content.

While there is no ‘official’ seven wonders of the world list, Niagara Falls is commonly listed amongst various lists as a seventh wonder, as a candidate for the ‘natural wonders of the world’, or as an honorary 8th wonder of the world.

But whether it’s been marked as a member of the seven, an honorary ‘8th wonder’ or placed on top ten natural wonders lists online, Niagara Falls is consistently present on these types of lists.

8th Wonder of the World

For the sake of argument, let’s ask the main question: why is Niagara Falls considered a 7th or 8th wonder of the world? Why is Niagara Falls always being thrown into the mix when talking about the top natural landmarks across the globe?

Niagara Falls inclusion as a Wonder of the World

World's Most Powerful Waterfall World’s Most Powerful Waterfall

It’s easily the most powerful waterfall in the world. With over 168,000 cubic metres flowing through the falls every minute – and that’s not even counting what gets diverted for the hydroelectric plants – no other waterfall in the world has the same intensity.

It’s not the tallest waterfall in the world, but it’s still a massive display that captures the public imagination. It’s an extreme and striking part of the Great Lakes landscape that stands out in its environment more than other natural wonders. And it’s more embedded in the North American consciousness, not only as a beautiful spectacle but also as a source for much of the electricity consumed by both Ontario and the state of New York, not to mention it’s prominent place in popular culture and media.

Drone Photography of Niagara Falls

And according to photography company Kodak, Niagara Falls is one of the most photographed natural landmarks in the world – if not at #1 itself. Surely that’s enough of a statement to cement Niagara’s international pedigree as a remarkable natural wonder?

Whatever the shape of the lists that includes Niagara – seven natural wonders, wonders of the Americas, etc – Niagara is always going to be highly considered right from the beginning. In the past and in the future, Niagara Falls is a natural wonder.

Experience the Wonder of Niagara

See this natural wonder in person with a vacation to Niagara Falls. And why not see it around the clock? You can in one of our Fallsview Hotel Rooms, overlooking Niagara Falls. The Marriott on the Falls is the closest hotel to the Brink of Niagara, offering breathtaking views of the Falls 24/7. For more information and valuable package inclusions, view our: Niagara Falls Hotel Packages