Niagara Distillery

Raise your spirits at Niagara Distillery! Now open across from Niagara Falls, and on the corner of Falls Avenue and Clifton Hill, the new Niagara Falls Restaurant showcases hand-crafted spirits and features award winning Billy Bones BBQ. The Distillery’s 6 signature spirits have been created from recipes developed to be great sips on their own or when mixed as a hand-crafted cocktail.

  • Six signature spirits


  • Pulled Pork Sandwich by Billy Bones BBQ


  • Spirits are mixed to create hand-crafted cocktails



Award Winning Billy Bones BBQ

Guests at Niagara Distillery will also be tempted by a delicious menu featuring BBQ competition favourite Billy Bones!  For more than 30 years, Billy Bones has crisscrossed North America winning more than 250 awards for their legendary sauce and dry rub which is featured on our signature ribs, cooked low and slow and caramelized with classic sauce. In addition, the menu offers tender brisket, juicy burgers, broasted chicken, tangy pulled pork and more.

Our Signature Spirits

Canadian Whisky – 43.5% alc/vol  – With grain & malted barley sourced from the Canadian Prairies, our traditional Rye is left to mature in once used Bourbon barrels at 132 proof for 3 years and 1 day. Our hand-crafted whisky is then individually batch-aged in lightly-charred American oak in house for a buttery mouthfeel and sweet oak finish.

Single Cask Whisky – 45% alc/vol  – Fashioned after Kentucky’s best, this bourbon-style whisky has a mash bill of 51% corn and 49% grain. Cellaring for 2 years in new American Oak barrels with a medium char, develops the underlying notes of caramel, sweet fruit and fresh oak.

Moonshine – 45% alc / vol  – An outlaw spirit made from 85% corn and 15% malted barley. Also known as White Lightning in these parts, its unmistakable sweet corn flavour and mild lingering burn will get you ready to rev up your engines and do some muddin’!

Vodka – 40% alc/vol – Our 100% grain-based Vodka is 5x distilled and then charcoal-filtered for a smooth finish. Distilled to 96%, it is proofed down to 40% using water that has traversed the limestone torrent of Niagara Falls leading to a more complex, flavourful profile.

Gin – 40% alc/vol  – This American-style Gin is made from corn and rye, which imparts a slightly sweeter finish. Our unique blend of 9 botanicals including juniper, citrus peel & locally sourced lavender brightens any cocktail with refreshing summer flavours!

Rum – 40% alc/vol  – Made from sugar cane Blackstrap molasses, this light-bodied, clean-tasting white rum is allowed to rest for 1 year before bottling. Perfectly sweet and fruity, it makes for delicious tropical cocktails!

Patio Dining

Niagara Distillery features outdoor dining with an upper and lower patio available. Mouth watering BBQ, signature spirits, frozen summer drinks and live music combine for an ambiance that makes the patio among the best in Niagara Falls.

Group Info

Reach out to our sales department and book the great venue space at Niagara Distillery! Group menus available and can be customized to suit the needs of each group. Book your Niagara Falls Distillery event by contacting:
905-374-4444 ext 4060


Please call for hours of operation or visit Niagara Falls Restaurants

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