Niagara Icewine

Did you know that the Niagara Region is the largest producer of Icewine in the world?  Learn what makes this specialty drink so popular and how it’s produced in the Niagara Region:

5 Interesting Facts About Icewine Production

  1. There are few places in the world that have the right climate to produce high-quality ice wine. Southern Ontario and the Niagara Region, in particular, have a unique climate that is ideal for grape growing.
  2. Ice wine is produced using late season grape varieties. Grape types like Reisling, Vidal or Cabernet Franc are left on the vine in the autumn to mature and freeze over the cold winter.
  3. Ice wine production is regulated by the Vintners Quality Alliance or VQA in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. Under these regulations, grapes used for ice wine are required to be frozen at a temperature of -8’C (18’F) or colder making ice wine production a very difficult task. Vintners have a short period of time to harvest ice wine grapes. If temperatures rise the grapes will rot on the vine. If the grapes are too cold the grapes will be too hard to extract the juice.
  4. During manufacturing, only the best grapes are used to produce wine. The frozen grapes are pressed, separating the juice from the water to create a sweet concentrate. The result is a concentrated amount of small-volume that must be fermented.
  5. Icewine is often viewed as a dessert wine for its extreme sweetness but has a slightly lower alcohol content than regular table wine.

For more facts about icewine, view our infographic all about Icewine production.

Celebrate everything Icewine at these unique festivals, events, and experiences happening in Niagara:

Fallsview Casino Icewine Gala

Cool As Ice Gala

Niagara Parks Power Station, Niagara Falls
January 13th, 2024

This event celebrates the very best of Niagara’s Liquid Gold. Enjoy an evening delicious Icewine and a hyper-local food pairings, and breathtaking views of Niagara Falls Tickets must be purchased to attend.

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Peller Estates Winery 10 Below Icewine Lounge

Open Year-Round

Put on a parka and get ready for a unique experience at Peller Estates 10 Below Icewine Lounge. Open all year round, the Ice Lounge serves Peller Estates Niagara Icewine in a room made from crystal clear ice blocks.

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Icewine Discovery Pass

Friday-Sunday – January 12-14, 19-21, & 26-28, 2024

Visit some of Niagara’s top wineries in a celebration of Niagara’s famous liquid gold. Indulge in six unforgettable seasonal tasting experiences. Enjoy the experience over the course of three weekends in January.

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