Why are there so many Rainbows in Niagara Falls?

While Niagara Falls in itself is spectacular, the presence of rainbows on a clear, sunny day makes the sight even more beautiful. With the right vantage point, you can spot a stunning rainbow or even double rainbows at the falls.

Rainbows over Niagara Falls

Usually, we see rainbows when sunlight and rain combine to spread a spectrum of colours in the sky. As the sunlight travels through the water in the raindrops, it reflects the colours that we call a rainbow. A rainbow can also form at waterfalls such as the Niagara Falls. When the sun shines brightly during the day, you can see lovely rainbows forming at the falls. In this case, the rainbow is formed as result of the mist in the air around the falls.

The Niagara Falls flows down from a great height and as it crashes into the river below it releases mist or tiny water droplets. Since the huge volumes of water are continuously flowing down, the mist remains suspended in the air around the falls. So when sunlight passes though the mist, it results in the formation of the pretty rainbows over the falls.

Multiple Niagara Falls Rainbows

You can also spot secondary rainbows or twin rainbows as well. The double reflection of sunlight in the misty water results in the formation of two rainbows. The colours of the secondary rainbow are lighter than the colours of the primary rainbow. All you need is a good vantage position and you can be assured of seeing this wonderful sight. The lovely hues of the rainbow against the white cascading waterfall, the flowing river and blue skies make for an impressive sight. It’s as if nature has decided to put up a spectacular show of light and colour just for you. This sight also provides for great photo opportunities.

360 Degree Niagara Falls Rainbow

In fact, if you are lucky and if you go to the right viewing spot, you can even see a 360-degree rainbow. This means that you can see the rainbow in a circular formation instead of a semi-circular one. To see this rare formation, you need a high vantage point instead of a ground-level one. If the light conditions and position of the sun are suitable, you can spot a 360-degree rainbow from the Skylon Tower or any other viewpoint located high above the falls.

So if you happen to head out on a bright, sunny day at Niagara Falls, head to a good viewpoint and be prepared to be mesmerised by the rainbows!

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