Airports near Niagara Falls

Are you planning a Niagara Falls vacation? If you intend to travel by air, three airports in the Niagara region are the best choices for you. Fly into one of these airports, head to your destination and enjoy your vacation. The airports are Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Niagara Falls Airport both in New York and Pearson Airport, Toronto.

Airports in Niagara Falls Region

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

You can fly in from New York City, Boston, Chicago or other locations (which allows for international connections) to this airport and then travel to Niagara Falls in Buffalo as well as Ontario, Canada. It is only a short distance to the falls from the airport. Buffalo Niagara International Airport is (code BUF).

Top-notch facilities await the traveler including food, shopping, free Wi-Fi and transportation facilities. Open around the clock, the terminal has two levels with seating for passengers. You can satisfy your hunger at one of the food joints or indulge in some shopping at any of the stores in the airport. Travel to and from the terminal in the transportation shuttles that are available 24/7 and run every 15 minutes. There are taxis, rental cars, buses, limousines and other travel options to choose from. In fact, it is only a 45-minute ride to Niagara Falls, Ontario by taxi or shuttle. The same distance can be covered in 60 minutes by bus.

Niagara Falls Airport

If you want to avoid the busy major North American airports, you can travel to your destination via the Niagara Falls airport (code IAG). It is located very close to the Canada-US border and is just a short distance away from the famous waterfalls. So it is an great air travel choice for your Niagara vacation. The airport has several facilities for a comfortable travel experience. These include a wide range of food and beverage items, and vending machines dispensing soda, coffee, juices, water and snacks. Free Wi-Fi at the airport will keep you connected.

Parking is available at the airport and free electric car charging terminals have been installed near the terminal for those who use such vehicles. There’s a wide range of transport at the airport that can take you to your destination. These include bus and rail services, taxis, rental cars, limousines and more.

The Airport specialises in smaller carrier flights from the southern United States, with the majority of flights originating from the state of Florida or South Carolina.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Another great air travel choice to reach Niagara Falls is by flying in to the Pearson Airport (code YYZ) in Toronto. It’s one of the busiest and largest airports in Canada. The airport sees more than 443,000 flights a year and 41 million passengers use this airport annually.

The airport has some fabulous facilities for passengers including the best food and beverage choices for quick bites and elaborate meals. High-quality shopping and vacation essentials are available at various stores. There’s also free Wi-Fi, an art gallery and a Meet and Greet Concierge Service. The transportation facilities ensure that you reach your destination quickly and comfortably. Climb inside one of the taxis, buses, limousines, car rentals or Out-of-Town Van Services and head to any destination including Niagara Falls for a memorable vacation.

All three of these airports are within roughly an hours drive of our hotel, making a trip from great distances in North America or Internationally feasible for all travelers looking to view the 8th wonder of the World, Niagara Falls, in person.

Niagara Region Airport Codes:

  • BUF (Buffalo Niagara International Airport)
  • IAG (Niagara Falls International Airport)
  • YYZ (Toronto Pearson International Airport)

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