The Exciting Wildlife Attractions of Niagara Falls

Bear EnclosureTravellers with an appreciation for nature will have a hard time passing up the world-class wildlife attractions in Niagara Falls. Whether you’re interested in marine life, exotic animals or majestic predators, the area has exactly what you need to satisfy your curiosity. When visiting the falls, nature lovers are sure to enjoy visiting the following attractions.

Marineland Canada

Boasting a fascinating abundance of sea creatures, Marineland Canada is the perfect attraction for anyone intrigued by life under the sea. The park attracts thousands of visitors each day and is home to countless fish, dolphins and whales. In addition to its undersea creatures, Marineland Canada features an adorable assortment of sea lions and walruses that are sure to steal your heart. Furthermore, elk, black bears and other Niagara-native wildlife can be observed in Marineland’s Animal Kingdom. Visitors interested in seeing the park’s residents perform should take in one of the entertaining shows at the King Waldorf Stadium. The lovable antics of the hoop-jumping dolphins and back-flipping sea lions will delight guests of all ages.

Marine Land also caters to thrill-seekers with its exciting array of roller-coasters and amusement park rides. Depending on when you visit, you may have the pleasure of being soaked on one of the park’s seasonal water rides. Roller coaster fanatics won’t be able to leave without experiencing Marineland’s death-defying Dragon Mountain coaster.

Safari Niagara

Guests can see exotic animals up close at Safari Niagara. This massive wildlife reserve houses animals from all over the world. African lions, Bengal tigers and Brazilian tapirs are just a few of the reserve’s many residents. Bird lovers will be dying to meet Safari Niagara’s hawks, macaws and cranes. In addition, reptile enthusiasts won’t be able to get enough of the reserve’s snakes, alligators and small lizards. Guests fascinated by apes will enjoy watching the Japanese macaques and olive baboons swing from the reserve’s lush trees.

Safari Niagara also boasts a fun-filled array of warm-weather attractions for summertime guests. After a long, hot day of observing wildlife, guests can cool off in the park’s Splash Pad, a refreshing water-themed playground. Guests interested in taking a water tour of Safari Niagara should consider renting one of the park’s convenient paddleboats. A seasonal catch-and-release fishing pond is available to visitors with a knack for catching fish. In addition, music lovers will enjoy rocking out at one of the park’s free summer concerts.

Niagara Falls State Park

To see Niagara-native wildlife in its natural environment, pay a visit to the newly improved Niagara Falls State Park. Not only will visitors be treated to a breathtakingly close view of deer, elk and black bears, they’ll also have the opportunity to see the iconic falls from an assortment of different angles. If you’re always on the hunt for prime photo opportunities, a guided tour of the park is an absolute must. Travelers with an appreciation for masterfully-preserved woodlands will enjoy taking in the park’s amazing scenery.

The falls aren’t the only fascinating sight to behold when visiting Niagara. If observing wildlife is something you enjoy, Niagara Falls is an essential travel destination.

Image by lezumbalaberenjena from Flickr’s Creative Commons