3 Fun Niagara Falls Museums for Uninformed Travelers

Niagara Falls MuseumMaking your way through an exhibit-laden museum is usually a feast for the mind. Whether your area of interest is nature, world history or masterfully-preserved artifacts, Niagara Falls has you covered. With its impressive assortment of knowledge-filled institutions, the falls are the perfect destination for travelers looking to expand their intellectual repertoires.

Niagara Falls Museum

As Canada’s oldest museum, the Niagara Falls Museum is home to an extensive range of natural artifacts. Visitors with an interest in plant life won’t want to miss the museum’s famous coast redwood tree exhibit, which features a breathtakingly massive coast redwood that has been preserved in the museum for over a century. Guests who are fascinated by marine life will have a hard time passing up the enormous 40-foot humpback whale skeleton found at the Niagara Museum.

Additionally, anyone with a soft spot for the Old West is sure to love the museum’s collection of posters, guns and other artifacts from Canada’s very first Wild West Show. This show incorporated the talents of such iconic cowboys as Texas Jack Omohundro and Wild Bill Hitchcock, so if you have an appreciation for genuine frontier heroes, this exhibit is essential viewing.

Niagara Falls History Museum

History buffs will have a blast while taking in the educational exhibits found at the Niagara Falls History Museum. Providing visitors with a fun and comprehensive history of the area, this museum is home to artifacts, keepsakes and promotional pieces of art from the various daredevils who have tried — often in vain — to conquer Niagara Falls. Visitors with a knack for geology will love the museum’s interactive illuminated rock exhibit.
Meanwhile, travelers who thrive on military history can feed their minds at the Gale Family War of 1812 Gallery. Equipped with a guided audio tour, war buffs can relive one of Canada’s most iconic armed conflicts. The Niagara Falls History Museum also hosts three to four guest exhibits from other museums each year. Depending on when you visit, you may be in for a limited-time treat.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Niagara Falls

Travelers with an appreciation for the bizarre and unexplained will feel right at home when visiting the Niagara Falls branch of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum. With a well-deserved reputation for showcasing exhibits that are baffling but true, this popular museum caters to visitors with an insatiable interest in the strangest things the world has to offer. Ripley’s Niagara features rooms full of artifacts from around the world that are believed to possess occult powers. In addition, the museum showcases news clippings and photographic evidence of supernatural occurrences from around the globe. To see human nature at its worst, pay a visit to Ripley’s Museum of Torture. Here, guests will find a spine-tingling assortment of torture and execution devices used by humans throughout history. Visitors with a wicked sense of humor will laugh themselves silly when reading the museum’s collection of lighthearted tombstone engravings.

After taking in the iconic falls, travelers can expand their minds even further by visiting some of the area’s fascinating museums or some of the other free attractions in the area. With interactive exhibits on a breadth of topics, even staunch anti-learners will succumb to the interesting information housed in the area’s many museums.

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