Canadian Forces Snowbirds Flyover Niagara Falls

The renowned Canadian Forces Snowbirds honoured Niagara Residents on Sunday with a flyover.  The iconic Air Snowbirds Over Niagara FallsDemonstration Squadron is conducting a cross Canada Tour named “Operation Inspiration”.  A salute to all Canadians as we face COVID-19 together.

The team started their mission on May 2 in Eastern Canada and is heading west to British Columbia.  The thundering nine-jet formation with trailing white smoke took two laps over the American and Horseshoe Falls on Sunday afternoon before heading off to London Ontario.  Originally scheduled for Saturday, the flight team had to postpone by one day due to poor weather.

Each year the Canadian Forces Snowbirds travel the country to delight audiences at air shows, and while gathering at a show is not possible at this time, the air team wanted to thrill spectators at home.

The Snowbirds will now continue their journey west, for more information on their flight schedule follow their social media channels.

See their tour over Niagara Falls here.