We Will Travel Again!

As we continue to stay home to do our part in flattening the curve, looking forward has become key to staying positive.

Niagara Falls and a Rainbow
Rainbow on Horseshoe Falls from Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada

A recently conducted travel survey provides optimism, not just for business but for all travel enthusiasts. It revealed that more than 60% of those surveyed had spent time in the last week planning and researching potential trips, with half of the respondents having spent up to 5 hours planning!

As the excitement to get out and see the sights grows, we wanted to share our tips for planning an exciting vacation.

  1. Be Inspired

A quick search in your favourite browser will lead to thousands of stunning photos of your destination that will help keep you motivated, imagine capturing these images yourself!  Images can be a great source of inspiration when choosing your location as well. For example a room with a view of Niagara Falls is breathtaking and if it is essential to your stay, then it will help narrow your hotel search.

  1. Keep It Fun

The research and budget process of planning can be overwhelming, so always keep your goal in mind – which is to create a thrilling adventure full of memories.  Budgeting is key, and to reduce stress keep your budget reasonable. Use all available research tools to ensure your plan covers what you hope to see and experience.  Whatever your destination may be, we suggest subscribing for email newsletters for hotels and attractions so are among the first to know about special offers, packages and discounts.

  1. Be In The Know

If it’s not on Facebook did it even happen? Like or follow feeds for your prospective hosts, not only will promotions be posted, but you will also learn about special events and new and noteworthy items thanks to the immediacy of the channels. Is your favourite artist performing in Niagara Falls during your stay – perhaps; the city now offers two live entertainment venues, and concert announcements make for great posts!  In Niagara Falls, you can also catch Live Video of the Falls nearly every day on our Niagara Falls Facebook page.

We will be able to explore the landscapes beyond our windows, driveways, front lawns and porches again. We hope these travel tips will help inspire you as you fill your time researching your next great adventure.

Hopefully we will be welcoming you to Niagara Falls once it is safe for us all to travel once again!