Top 3 Locations to learn about Niagara Falls History

Niagara is absolutely teeming with history and historical sites, that will keep even the hardiest of history buffs happy. If you’re planning on seeing some of this diverse history while in Niagara then here are the 3 best places to visit:

Top 3 Places to Learn about Niagara Falls History

1. The Niagara Falls History Museum

If you’re looking for a true historical experience then the Niagara Falls History Museum is the place to go. With hundreds of artifacts housed in the old Stamford Town Hall, the inside is modern and refurbished for a real exciting walk through history. Here you can learn about the Niagara Falls, battle of 1812, Sir Isaac Brock and Laura Secord. There are so many things to do and see in this museum, you should take a whole day out to investigate properly. Located on Ferry Street, in Ontario, the museum is open Tuesday to Sunday.

2. IMAX Theatre Niagara Fall

Those looking for a more modern and interactive way to learn about the history of Niagara, should take a trip to the IMAX Theatre. Here you can learn about the fascinating history of the Falls, along with all the daredevils and legends that have attempted to take on Niagara. “The Falls Movie: Legends and Daredevils” will take you back through the history of people attempting to go over the Falls and other daring stunts. The IMAX also plays host to various other historical movies about Niagara Falls, so check their schedule before setting off. It is open every single day, other than Christmas day, located on Fallsview Boulevard.

3. Fort George

The War of 1812 is one of the most significant parts of Canadian history, and Fort George offers a truly unique and fascinating insight. With the River Niagara playing a huge part in the war, as a transportation route between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, this area witnessed dozens of battles. Fort George was left to ruin until it became a National Historic site in 1921 and restored. Now, this awe-inspiring Fort plays host to exhibitions, tours and tales of the bloody and devastating War of 1812. Fort George can be found on Queen Street in Ontario and is open 7 days a week during peak season or weekends off-peak.

These 3 historical sites are all completely unique, yet will all equally give you an incredible experience in Niagara. If there’s anything you ever wanted to find out about Niagara Falls history, then check out these recommendations.

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