Social Media’s New Photography Trend Features Niagara Falls

A spectacular new media trend is showcasing breathtaking views of Niagara Falls to a new audience.  As the hotels began to welcome guests back to Niagara Falls in the spring, an iconic new movement emerged fueled by tech savvy travelers and social media influencers.

Affectionately dubbed “Girl in the Bed” at the hotels, guests reserve guestrooms and suites overlooking Niagara Falls and stage stunning photographs and selfies to share on social

Marriott on the Falls Guestroom Selfie
Photo Credit @mervefiglali

network feeds. By moving mattresses and bedding to the floor or posing in front of the floor to ceiling picture windows found in many of our fallsview rooms, guests are able to capture the striking images with the Falls as a backdrop which are enhanced by the room’s natural lighting; which is considered a key element in a good image. The trend which first garnered attention after an influencer post at Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa, and quickly spread to Marriott on the Falls. The hotels were inundated with requests and comments from guests clamoring to get the perfect shot, with many asking for the exact room number. A step which is not necessary, as each property is comprised of more Fallsview rooms than not, and all of the rooms at Marriott Fallsview Hotel featuring a Fallsview.

With views like nowhere else other in the world, this experiential selfie trend captures a vision of the majestic landmark in the new form which is widely considered the most prominent cultural phenomenon in media today. Shot primarily on a smartphone with the intended use for social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, the images have brought increased attention to Niagara Falls which is already one of the most photographed sights in the world.

Taking the perfect selfie is not an easy task, with multiple factors including lighting, shadows, angle, and filters coming into play, however, guests have discovered that they can count on our hotels to always provide the perfect backdrop.

Are you ready for your Niagara Falls selfie? Here are some tips to follow for the perfect picture

  • Lighting can make or break your shot and natural light is best. Experts suggest that you should turn towards a window with natural light, and that sunlight streaming in a window is the best beauty product you can’t buy.
  • Apps and Filters can enhance a beautiful shot, with airbrushing technology even built in to some smartphone cameras, but don’t over edit. Use a light touch and only apply subtle changes.
  • Know your angles, composition and placement in your photo is important. A rule of thumb is your eye-line should be 1/3 from the top of the frame and either to the left or right of centre – not the middle for a modern approach.
  • Avoid shadows unless the tone is purposely moody.

Now that you know the basics, jump on the trend and reserve one of our Fallsview Rooms and capture your shot!

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