Sipping Moonshine in Niagara Falls at Niagara Distillery

With a sweet start and a kick to finish, Niagara Distillery Moonshine may just be the perfect spirit!Niagara Distillery Moonshine

The once bootlegged spirit is on-trend and is gaining prominence across all age groups. At Niagara Distillery, we have seen a rising interest in the spirit which is one of our six signature spirits. Situated across from Niagara Falls at the corner of Falls Avenue and Clifton Hill, Niagara Distillery is the only location within 20km of the Falls to distill this special spirit and where you can embrace the Moonshine trend for yourself.  Guests will find it featured on the menu and can also purchase 750ml bottles to enjoy at home.

Despite a hefty 45% ALC/vol ratio, Moonshine is more versatile than you may imagine. Big, bold and ambitious, it proves alluring in every season. Its mild burn provides balance when splashed in a summer cocktail like our Caramel Apple Haze or Blue Moonshine Mojito, or can be sipped on its own for warmth on a chilly day after exploring the Falls.

Niagara Distillery Moonshine boasts the hallmarks of the traditional spirit; sweet, bold, and just a bit of heat to finish. The Niagara Distillery recipe teases with sweet corn distillate, but packs a wallop of rye heat to finish. Best enjoyed with friends, Niagara Distillery Moonshine has a personality that matches the Falls themselves; sweet like the romance of Niagara, but sharp like the rocks below.

In addition to Moonshine, Niagara Distillery spirits include Vodka, Rum, Gin, Canadian Whisky and Single Cask Whisky.

When you come for drink, stay for the BBQ! Niagara Distillery features a menu of award-winning Billy Bones BBQ including low & slow cooked pork ribs caramelized with Billy Bones sauce, mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches, juicy burgers and more.