Only Have 1 Day for a Niagara Falls Trip? No Problem!

Taking selfie in front of Niagara FallsAny time you can visit Niagara Falls, even if it’s just for a day, you should check out some of the awe-inspiring things this global destination has to offer. There are tons of notable Niagara Falls landmarks within walking distance or a short drive away from each other, so you can still get the best view of Niagara Falls in 24 hours.

Make the most of a one-day trip to Niagara Falls with this guide that will take you to some of the coolest spots in the area. And if you have enough time to sleep over during your Niagara Falls trip, visit our site for the best hotels in Niagara Falls.

1. Start at the Cave of the Winds

You can begin your Niagara Falls journey on the U.S. side, at the Cave of the Winds. Like its name implies, the Cave of the Winds puts you right in the centre of Niagara Falls rushing water action.

Head to the base of Niagara Gorge to get within 25 feet of the Bridal Veil Falls of Niagara Falls. You’ll receive a poncho to wear that will keep you protected from the mists of the rapids. Spending around a half-hour here is a great way to get the full experience.

2. Niagara Falls State Park

View of Niagara Falls State Park from Canadian sideFrom the Cave of the Winds, head to Niagara Falls State Park, which is less than 5 minutes away by car and is still on the U.S. side of Niagara Falls. The park is open every day and features a Discovery Center and hiking trails.

See some American Niagara Falls nature, take a stroll or learn more about the rich history of Niagara Falls. Plan for about an hour here to check out the major offerings.

3. American Falls

Drive about 15 minutes to see American Falls, one of three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls. Yep, American Falls is also on the U.S. side of Niagara Falls. It’s the second-largest waterfall, reaches 180 feet high and has an estimated water flow of 75,000 gallons per second.

Walk about 5 minutes away to see where Niagara Falls meets the Canada border. This world wonder is worth spending a couple hours at. You could take a Maid of the Mist boat tour while you’re here to get out on the water.

4. Horseshoe Falls

Have your passport handy. It’s time to get to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls!

Drive 5 minutes by car to Horseshoe Falls, the portion of Niagara Falls with the highest flow rate. Since the water flows so quickly here, it’s often the most highly-rated portion of Niagara Falls for visitors to see. This part of Niagara Falls is even responsible for providing hydraulic power to parts of Canada.

5. Journey Behind the Falls

Head less than 5 minutes away by car to Journey Behind the Falls, a tour that takes you to the heart of Niagara Falls, down 125 feet. The Journey Behind the Falls tour weaves through 130-year-old tunnels, where you can hear and feel the rushing waters before seeing them through holes cut through the bedrock. Plan for about an hour for this tour.

6. Skylon Tower

Walk 15 minutes to Skylon Tower, an observation tower hovering 775 feet tall. You can grab a bite to eat at its revolving restaurant and check out Niagara Falls views from two observation decks, one inside and one outside.

From the Skylon Tower, you can see the cities of both Toronto, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, as well as the entire Niagara Falls.

7. Clifton Hill

From Skylon Tower, walk about 10 minutes to Clifton Hill, a bustling entertainment district that has a midway with more than 300 games, plus bowling, mini-golf, amusement park rides and restaurants. There are also museums to check out, like the Movieland Wax Museum. It’s a great place to visit if you’re in Niagara Falls for a short time with kids.

8. Niagara SkyWheel

Cap off your short trip to Niagara Falls with a ride on the Niagara SkyWheel, at Clifton Hill. The giant ferris wheel soars 175 feet above Niagara Falls and has climate-controlled gondolas for a comfortable ride any time of year.

Learn about the history of Niagara Falls as you take in views of the waterfalls, Niagara Parks and other landmarks. The ride takes about 10 minutes long and is a great way to end a day at Niagara Falls.

Get Ready for the Next Adventure with Some Rest and Relaxation

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