Worlds Smallest Church – Living Water Wayside Chapel

When you’re in Niagara Falls remember to stop and smell the roses, look out for the little guy, and try something new. The Living water Wayside Chapel is the perfect way to accomplish all three in one trip. Heralded as the worlds smallest chapel it is no stranger to being so busy that guests are lined up out the front door.

Don’t Stand on Ceremony – Not Standing Room Only

Plenty of people ask if this chapel is larger on the inside. Most of those people are disappointed to hear that the Living Water Wayside Chapel is not the TARDIS (of Dr.Who fame), and that the inside is also the smallest in the world.

For most visitors the diminutive size is not a problem, it is a success. Mini-houses are very popular among hipsters, techies, and other people looking to do more with much less. Being environmentally friendly is very cool, although don’t ask about the heating bill for the worlds smallest chapel.

Small Wedding in Niagara Falls

Have a luxurious wedding with the Niagara Falls Marriott then remember to drag your wedding photographer over to the Living Water Wayside Chapel for some great photos and experiences that you can share with friends and loved ones for the rest of your life.
Note: The Living Water Wayside Chapel is NOT available for ceremonies or receptions through the Niagara Falls Marriott wedding co-ordinator. It is an attraction and is not affiliated with Marriott Niagara Falls Weddings.

On The Way – Romance and Wonder

The Niagara Parkway spans approximately thirty kilometers (eighteen miles), seven of those kilometers is one of the most romantic adventures that you could walk with your partner. Along the way stop in at the Butterfly Conservatory, Whirlpool Rapids, Queenston Heights, and a variety of boutiques and small parks that are perfect for a picnic.

Check-In Through Social Media

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