Veg Out: Niagara’s Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants

Vegetarian dish One of my favorite things about the Niagara area is the abundant fruit and vegetable harvests we can look forward to every year. Farmers all over the area are well-known for producing wonderful bounties season after season, and much of it is organically grown.

While this means that many of the best restaurants in the area have access to and use fresh local produce, it is the vegetarian establishments that benefit the most. In recent years, vegetarian-friendly restaurants have exploded in Niagara Falls, giving all of us access to delicious types of vegetarian cuisines from all around the world.

If you’re a vegetarian visiting our area or you just enjoy vegetarian cuisine, try one of these restaurants and get a true taste of Niagara Falls.

Curry Queen Indian Cuisine

While not strictly a vegetarian restaurant, Curry Queen offers a wide range of Indian, Pakistani and Hakka dishes, many of which are vegetarian. All of their food is prepared according to halal standards, as well. Vegans need simply to inform their server of their request, and the kitchen will prepare a meal accordingly.

The channa masala, chickpeas cooked in a savory sauce, is delicious, as is the vegetable korma. Try the lentil dal for a truly authentic taste of India.


If you’re in the mood for Middle Eastern food, look no further than Sahara. Owned by a Middle Eastern family, this small restaurant serves up authentic cuisine with a smile. The chefs take great care to prepare vegetarian meals separately to ensure their customers are satisfied.

Be sure to try the homemade whole wheat pita, and the falafel plate comes highly recommended. This is a great place for authentic, delicious and inexpensive food.

Skylon Tower

One of Niagara’s most iconic landmarks, the revolving restaurant at Skylon Tower is a great choice for a special occasion or simply a nice evening out. At 775 feet above the falls, the view is spectacular and the dining is exceptional.

Because this isn’t a strictly vegetarian establishment, the dinner menu boasts one vegetarian option and one vegan choice. Vegetarians can enjoy the delicious eggplant dish that is served with mozzarella cheese in a spicy tomato sauce. The vegans in your group can try the grilled vegetables with tofu. The restaurant also boasts an impressive wine selection.


This Tex-Mex style restaurant has a wide range of options for everyone in your group. There are traditional meat choices for the carnivores and meatless options for the vegetarians. Vegans will also find something to enjoy, as the staff is well-versed in vegan practices.

Try one of their overstuffed burritos bursting will well-seasoned and delicious fillings. A fish option is available, and all dishes are served with fresh, homemade salsas.

Ten Thousand Buddhas

Buddhist templeWhile not a restaurant per say, Ten Thousand Buddhas is an active Buddhist temple and monastery that serves a vegetarian and vegan buffet once a week during the summer months. Volunteers prepare and serve the food, and you can feast upon delicious vegan Chinese food as well as Buddhist food, which is prepared with no garlic or onions.

The charge for the meal is $7.00 Canadian, but if you can pay more, the service relies on donations of both time and money to maintain operations.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or travel with someone who is, take a moment to consider one or more of these restaurants. They provide a delicious glimpse into all that Niagara has to offer.

Buddhist temple image by Antony Pranata from Flickr’s Creative Commons