Traveling Alone? Why Niagara Falls Is a Great Destination

image001When most people think about going on vacation, they envision time spent with family, as a couple, or among friends in fun-filled, exotic locations, and while people jet setting in pairs or groups is certainly the most common vacation experience most people have, the trend toward solo travel is steadily gaining steam for a number of reasons.

Imagine going to sleep and awaking whenever you wanted to, eating at the restaurant you desired every meal, and sightseeing according to your own interests — traveling alone offers the individual willing to try it a chance to experience a new place at her own pace and according to her own desires. Many people claim solo travel is the epitome of rest and relaxation. Others love the feeling of not being hampered by others’ whims and tastes. Whatever the reason, if you’re considering embarking on a solo trip in the upcoming future, make sure staying in Niagara Falls is at the top of your list. From Canadian amiability and hospitality to sights and events that are great regardless of whether or not you’re alone, Niagara Falls is a great destination for the solo traveler.

The Benefits of Soloing in Niagara

image003The primary benefit to traveling alone — especially in Niagara Falls — is that you’ll have to interact with strangers. Most people traveling on business or vacation interact with strangers routinely, because the people who staff the hotel in which they’re staying, the bakery they frequent in the mornings, the vineyards they tour, and the restaurants in which they dine are people they don’t know.

When you’re traveling alone, however, all your interaction will be with strangers, and while that may be off-putting to the more introverted among us, engaging a stranger actually has remarkable benefits — as every seasoned solo traveler knows. Because human beings are social creatures, we all need plenty of interaction with our own kind in order to feel safe, connected, and satisfied on a day-to-day basis, and, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, when we engage a stranger in kindness, our mood is lifted and our feelings of benevolence toward our loved ones and others is increased. Niagara Falls makes interacting with strangers a breeze, because it routinely hosts so many out-of-towners looking to make friends with those around them, and because its inhabitants understand the role that tourists play in the health of the region’s economy. The city of Niagara Falls really is one of the easiest places to be alone, because you’ll be surrounded by people who are genuinely glad to make your acquaintance throughout your visit.

Niagara Falls is also great for solo travelers, because there is so much for a person to do alone. The stunning majesty of the Falls ensures that any expedition undertaken in and around the water will more than occupy you, and the wineries’ tasting rooms are filled with oenophiles just dying to talk about the grapes, the vintage, the mouth feel. The place has more than enough to fill your senses, your time, and your imagination. Who needs a group of friends when you’ve got Nature’s power and a storehouse of entertainment all around you? Great solo options include:

What are you waiting for? Book the vacation of your dreams, and travel by yourself to Niagara Falls, where lovers and individuals have the time of their lives.