Top 5 Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls in Winter

The Falls in Winter
The Falls in Winter

Think that Niagara Falls is the perfect summer destination? Think again. One of the best times of the year to visit the majestic falls is actually the winter. White, bright and full of life, the falls are highlighted by the iridescent surrounding snow. Besides the beautiful views, here are five reasons you should start planning your winter vacation to Niagara Falls:

1. Ice Wine Festivals

Ice wine is one of the most amazing mistakes to come from the north. In the late 1800s, German vintners prepared for one of the harshest winters ahead by leaving grapes on the vines for some of the animals to harvest. In doing so, the grapes froze, creating thousands of icy marbles. Curious winemakers plucked some from their vines and noticed their overly sweet taste. With even more curiosity, they dreamt up a sweet wine made from these frozen grapes. Thus, ice wine was created.

Since then, some of the most renowned ice wine makers have made Niagara Falls their home. Because of the frigid winter at the falls, the area became the perfect breeding ground for many different forms of ice wine. Today, this signature drink brings wine aficionados to Niagara Falls from all over the world. While ice wine is excellent all year round, one of the best times of the year to experience it is winter. The Ice Wine Festival is the event of the year for wine lovers. The festival is a winter wonderland if all things wine. The Niagara region turns into a wine lovers paradise for three weekends during the winter. The festival offers many different forms of indulgence—wine, food, music, and more. Join in on the festivities this winter from January 11th through the 27th.

2. Experience the Festival of Lights

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario. During the winter, one of the most exciting events in the area is the Niagara Falls Festivals of Lights. The whole Ontario area lights up with the magic of the holiday season. In the city, there is an 8 km long route that travels through Niagara Parks, Dufferin Islands and surrounding area. During the holiday season, this stretch is lit up with breathtaking light displays.

The festival is visited by over one million people every year. There are so many families, people and friends that gather to stroll through the Festival of Lights and visit some of the events that happen in tandem. In addition to all of the breathtaking views, there are fun firework shows, concerts, shows and so much more. This festival is an iconic part of Niagara Falls legacy and would be a truly fantastic attraction to add to your schedule.

The best part about this festival is that it’s open to all—no tickets required. If you wish, donations are gratefully accepted by the Festival Ambassadors.

3. See the Falls Covered in Ice

When you’re visiting Niagara Falls, you’re there to see one thing, and one thing only—the falls. The falls are one of the most amazing sights in the world, but in the winter time, they become truly magical. When the falls are covered in ice, you see them from a totally different perspective. Covered in bright white ice and surrounded by fluffy snow, the falls become a truly unique sight that will take your breath away.

Whether you view them from the comforts of your own room or take in the majestic sights up close and personal, seeing the falls in the winter is something that should be on your bucket list.

4. Beat the Crowds at Popular Attractions

Winter is the offseason in Niagara Falls, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a shortage of things to do and see. If you are looking for a winter destination where there is so much to do and little people around, book a visit to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls tours, winery falls, winter festivals, beautiful galas, and some of the most amazing natural landscape views are yours and yours alone. If you can handle cold winter, the winter is the best time for you to see beautiful sights without having to fight your way through the crowds.

5. Have a Romantic Night in

Winter is one of the most romantic times of the year. When the snow is falling outside, there’s nothing better than watching it fall while cozying up to the person you love the most. At our hotel, there are hundreds of ways to have a romantic night in. Book a reservation at one of our five-star restaurants, order room service and bundle up in bed, have a massage or spa day—the possibilities are endless.

We also have packages that are designed for this specifically. That way, you don’t have to think about anything else but relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved one.