The Best Places to Enjoy Niagara Falls From Indoors

nfhblog3Without a doubt, the number one reason people venture to Niagara Falls is to take in the area’s famous waterfalls. Made up of a trio of waterfalls that includes the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara Falls may not be the world’s largest or tallest waterfall, but it does have the world’s largest flow rate, which makes for a stunning and awe-inspiring view as well as a constant and deafening roar.

How could it be otherwise? Roughly 1/5th of the world’s fresh water makes its way over Niagara Falls as six million cubic feet of water careen over the 165-foot drop every minute.

Taking in the falls in person is, of course, the ideal way to experience them, but as any visitor to Niagara in spring or winter can tell you — some days, the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate with that goal.

Thankfully, getting a good look at Niagara Falls isn’t something that has to happen in accordance with Mother Nature’s whims. Here are a handful of places from which you can enjoy an exceptional view of all that water while simultaneously enjoying the comfort, ease, and warmth of being indoors.

The Rainbow Room

One of the region’s finest and most celebrated restaurants, The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra not only provides its guests with excellent food sourced from local farms and an exceptional area wine list, but the view from the dining room is also one of the finest that can be had in the area.

Whether you enjoy a five-course meal in the evening and are therefore able to take in the waterfalls amidst their sea of colorful lights or you eat a superb lunch set against the backdrop of the waterfalls as they appear during the midday, a meal at The Rainbow Room is sure to allow you plenty of time to gape at the falls while pleasing your palette from the comfort of indoors.

Christienne Fallsview Spa

Take in the view while sinking into unparalleled relaxation with a stint at Christienne Fallsview Spa. Luxurious to a fault, the offerings at Christienne are myriad, ranging from facials and massages to pedicures and aromatherapy. Whatever you choose, be sure to spend some time soaking in the infinity hydrotherapy tub that offers a ceiling to floor view of the waterfalls while you bask in total tranquility inside the spa.

Skylon Tower Observation Deck

nfhblog4With indoor and outdoor observation decks, the view from Skylon Tower is impressive any time of day or night and in almost any weather—provided there isn’t so much rain or snow in the air that the view is obstructed.

Get a grand look at everything from the waterfalls and the Niagara Falls tourist district to the luscious, rolling countryside and even the Buffalo and Toronto skylines. Not for those who are afraid of heights, the 52-second elevator ride takes guests 775-feet up into the air. The view really is exceptional, and it can all be experienced without needing to brave the weather if conditions are less than optimal or you’ve simply forgotten to bring along your jacket.

Taking in Niagara Falls’ eponymous waterfalls is an essential part of visiting the region, but doing so doesn’t have to mean you get cold, wet, or even windswept.