Rental vs Hotel: Choose a Hotel for a Hassle Free Vacation

When you go on vacation, where you stay plays a big role in your overall experience. You want a clean room to Family Checking in at a Hotelcome “home” to, a comfortable bed to sleep in so you can rest, and guaranteed safety for your family and your belongings.

Maybe you’re considering a hotel or a rental and are wondering where the best place to stay is in Niagara Falls.  A visit to Niagara Falls Ontario should be memorable, but not because of bad accommodations. Don’t let a poor experience spoil the enjoyment you’ll have at Niagara Falls attractions, here are five reasons why you should choose a Niagara Falls hotel over a rental or Airbnb property. 

1. Your Belongings & Safety Are Protected

When you rent a home or a space, the landlord has the same access to the space that you do. Not to mention, anyone they might have been given a copy of their key to in the past can also invade your space without warning. That’s a scary thought!

While it’s true that hotel staff also have master keys for rooms, that’s to protect your safety and to clean your room. Hotel staff undergo thorough background checks and training to avoid any guest safety issues.

Rentals, on the other hand, are full of scary stories. One Airbnb renter reports when she and her sister arrived at their rental in Toronto, the renter demanded they forfeit their passports. After they refused, they were reluctantly shown the space, which did not match the booking. The pair left freely but expressed their fears of the situation.

Hotel rooms also have safe places for your most precious belongings, like safes where you get to choose your own lock code. Rentals aren’t guaranteed to have the same safeguards.

2. Your Accommodations Will Be Clean

With rentals, the only way to determine whether or not a place will be clean is to read all the reviews and make a judgment yourself.  In hotels, housekeeping staff are trained on best practices in cleaning and disinfecting spaces. You can rest assured that your room has been professionally cleaned every day, which cannot be said of all rentals.

3. You’ll Have Access to Concierge & Room Services

One major perk to booking a hotel is that you can always call downstairs and get help with whatever you need. Want to order a snack? No problem, it’ll be delivered to your room. Need help booking a car? You’re covered. Want a local’s advice on the best sights to check out in Niagara Falls? A concierge will plan a custom itinerary for you and your family and take care of all the bookings.

With a rental, you may never meet your host face-to-face (in many cases, that’s actually a good thing.) You won’t have the luxury of calling 24/7 to get help. If you’re new to Niagara Falls, having a professional who’s there to serve you can make your trip a whole lot better.

4. You Get What You Book

With, you can click on a hotel and see what it’s like room by room. When you enter the Fallsview Guestroom at Marriott on the Fallsroom you’ve booked, it will look like the photography on the site. It will feature all the amenities listed. You can judge for yourself what you need and the price you’re willing to pay before you book.

With rentals, there’s always the issue of paying more for what you don’t need. The bigger risk is that you won’t get the accommodations you thought you were booking.

Another renter in the U.S. found that the master bedroom had been blocked off by a pool table. When the couple moved the pool table to get to their room, the renter later charged them $500 for “balancing services” to correct the pool table. Luckily, the renter’s credit card company finally deemed the charge as fraud, even though Airbnb had sided with the renter and charged the couple.

With a hotel, you won’t have to worry about spaces not appearing as they do in the photos, or encountering hassle-filled situations like a giant pool table blocking your room.

5. Your Space Is Private

Another frightening situation that might happen when you book a rental? You might be filmed. Forget a guarantee of privacy. There are stories about rental hosts setting up hard-to-detect web cameras throughout their space. While their intentions could be to protect their property, it is obviously intrusive, and you should be aware that your intimate activities could be broadcast online or used to blackmail you.

Plus, when you’re at a rental, there might be other people who pop in without notice. Anyone who has a key that the host forgot to tell your rental about may come in. Even the host could show up unannounced.

With a hotel, you’ll always hear a knock and a verbal announcement before someone, like a housekeeping staff member, attempts to enter the room. Also, you can use a deadbolt or a “do not disturb” sign to prevent unwanted staff from coming into your room. That’s usually not an option with a rental.

Don’t Risk Bad Accommodations – Book a Niagara Falls Hotel You Can Trust

There are thousands of stories when it comes to rentals. Airbnb’s Better Business Bureau listing alone has thousands of complaints. Even with the best reviews, a rental’s quality is never guaranteed when no one is holding them accountable. And you don’t know if the reviews are legitimate, or if they were provided by friends the renter let book with them to scheme to get better reviews.

The only accommodations you can truly trust are well-reviewed hotels in Niagara Falls. With professionally trained staff and regulated, legal operations, you always know you have a safe place to stay with Niagara Falls hotels. Book your hotel stay today.