Patio Season in Niagara Falls: Top Spots for Summer Fun

Summer is heating up in Niagara Falls, and patio season is in high gear.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, enjoying the best patios in Niagara Falls is a must-do activity and the perfect way to spend a summer’s day or night in Niagara Falls. With stunning views, live music, and fantastic food and drinks, these patios are perfect for soaking up the summer vibes. Text your group because here are some of the top patios you should check out this season.

Niagara Brewing Company

Located just a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls, at the corner of Falls Avenue and Clifton Hill, Niagara Brewing Company is a top destination for craft beer enthusiasts in Niagara Falls. This award-winning brewery offers rotating taps with a selection of seasonal flavours brewed on-site, which are perfect for enjoying on one of the two amazing patios. A sunny day and a cold beer go hand in hand!

  • Upper Patio: This patio provides a view of Niagara Falls, making it an ideal spot for sipping on one of their expertly brewed craft beers while taking in the natural beauty of the area.
  • Lower Patio: Facing Clifton Hill, the lower patio is perfect for people-watching and enjoying the lively atmosphere of Niagara’s main entertainment strip.

In addition to the great brews and hoppy hour specials, Niagara Brewing Company also offers live music daily which adds to the vibrant and energetic ambiance. It’s a top spot for anyone looking to experience live music in Niagara Falls while enjoying a refreshing craft beer.

Hard Rock Cafe Patio

Hard Rock Cafe Patio

Just across the street from the Falls, you’ll find the Hard Rock Cafe patio. Located at street-level on Falls Avenue next to the signature Hard Rock Shop, the patio is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy delicious bites, and live music from some of Niagara’s most talented musicians. The iconic Hard Rock Cafe is known for its rock ‘n’ roll vibe, eclectic hand-spun cocktails and classic American cuisine, and the patio continues that spirit outside making it a popular choice that is sure to please all.

As a covered patio, Hard Rock ensures that you can enjoy your meal and drinks comfortably, no matter the weather. It’s a prime spot for those looking to soak up the atmosphere of Niagara Falls while staying cool and shaded.

Niagara Distillery

Another gem in the heart of Niagara Falls is Niagara Distillery. Situated directly across from the Niagara Brewing Company, this patio offers a unique experience with its focus on craft spirits and cocktails. The distillery also features award-winning Billy Bones BBQ, making it a great choice for those looking to indulge in some delicious food.

The patio at Niagara Distillery is perfect for savouring a signature cocktail while enjoying the bustling scene of Clifton Hill. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone interested in the top things to do in Niagara Falls.

Patio season in Niagara Falls is a time to embrace the outdoors and enjoy the best patios the city has to offer. Whether you’re sipping on award-winning craft beers at Niagara Brewing Company, enjoying live music at Hard Rock Cafe, or indulging in craft spirits and BBQ at Niagara Distillery, there’s something for everyone.

So, if you’re looking for the best patios in Niagara Falls or seeking out live music in Niagara Falls, these spots should be at the top of your list.

To make the most of your summer turn a visit into a Niagara Falls getaway by reserving one of Niagara Falls premier hotels, and give yourself more time to visit your favourite patio!

Cheers to a fantastic patio season!