Niagara Falls Sunrise

Getting up early has its own advantages especially in a beautiful place. In Niagara Falls, you can catch the glorious sunrise as it lights up the sky and start your day on a wonderful note. There’s something about watching a sunrise that fills you with optimism and hope, and when the landscape is as beautiful as the Niagara Falls, it’s even better.

Niagara Falls Sunrise Time

Sunrise in Niagara Falls takes place at different times depending on the season. So, during spring and summer from April to September, the sun rises between 5.30 a.m. and 7.15 a.m. It rises later in April and September while the months in between witness early sunrises. Timings of the sunrise in the autumn and winter months (October to March) are usually between 6.45 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. So you can afford to wake up late during certain months and still catch the sun rise. What’s even better is that each season has its own charm. A sunrise in spring and summer offers green landscapes, bright skies and colourful blossoms against the flowing waters of the Niagara Falls, and fall foliage and snow white landscapes add a different dimension during autumn and winter.

Niagara Falls Sunrise Viewing Locations

Catch fabulous views of the sunrise from the Skylon Tower. It opens at 8 a.m. so you can still catch late sunrises along with the spectacular landscape from 775 feet. The views include the Niagara River and the falls, the gorge and the landscape on the Canadian as well as American side. When the sun’s rays emerge through the clouds lighting up everything in beautiful colours, time stands still.
At the Table Rock Welcome Centre, as you stand by the railing on the brink of the mighty Horseshoe Falls watching the sun rise, it is an unforgettable sight. As dawn arrives, the sun’s rays stream through the clouds in the sky and the waters below gush down in all their glory. It is a hypnotic sight and makes for great photography as well. The centre is open all 24 hours so you can head there early or late to catch the sun rise.

## Fallsview Sunrises

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It is really worth your while to wake up a wee bit early to watch the sun rise in Niagara Falls.

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