Niagara Falls–One Of The World’s Most Popular Bucket List Destinations

A recent travel survey conducted by travel agency Planet Cruise has revealed that Niagara Falls remains at the top of the bucket list for many. In fact, it is the fourth most popular travel destination in the world.

While video and images capture the Falls beauty, it’s not until you have the opportunity to experience the natural wonder in person that you can really appreciate how truly awe-inspiring,Niagara Falls in the Springbreathtaking, and all-encompassing it is. The scenic wonder plays to the senses, from the thundering roar of the cascading water to the feel of the mist that billows from the waterfalls.

The survey compiled bucket list destinations by generation, with baby boomers putting Niagara Falls at the top of their lists.  More than a third of those participating in the survey want to visit the Falls.  After boomers, Gen Z’ers (18-24 years old) were the next largest group with 29% responding that they have a trip to Niagara Falls left on their list.

Other popular destinations across the generations are:

  • Seeing the Great Barrier Reef
  • Seeing the northern lights
  • Seeing the Pyramids
  • Driving Route 66
  • Going on a husky sleigh ride

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Niagara Falls is beautiful year-round, book your getaway today!