Kids Versus Adults: Striking a Balance in Niagara Falls

Family vacations are something that everyone looks forward to every year. The kids get excited about the new things they’ll see and do and parents get excited because their kids are excited and happy. From an outsider’s perspective a family vacation is a thing of perfectly harmonious beauty.

However, that outsider doesn’t see the aspect of family vacations that are less than stellar. The tears and shrieks from the back seat of the car as someone’s hair gets pulled, the bickering because someone wants pizza and the other wants a burger, and the poor parents who are often too busy wrangling their kids to enjoy a few moments of peace on their vacation.

Luckily Niagara Fall is one of the most unique and family friendly destinations in the world. With wine tastings for the adults and scores of fun and games for the kids you and your family won’t run out of fun things to do during your vacation in Niagara Falls.

Kids First

Most parents agree that the purpose of a family vacation is more about their children than themselves. Travel is a great way for kids to learn about different parts of the world and new cultures but at the end of the day a vacation is all about fun and parents want to be sure that their kids get a nice, healthy dose of that.

Virtually every aspect of Niagara Falls is accessible to children and many activities and attractions are especially geared toward children so the only conceivable problem is making sure that each child gets to do something that appeals to them. A great way to accomplish this is to let each child choose an activity each day so no one feels left out.

Some of the favorite Niagara Falls attractions for kids are as follows.

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

What child doesn’t love a waterpark? The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark offers all of the wet and wild fun your kids crave and it’s nice for parents to know that the kids will literally stay in the water all day if allowed, and that makes for an easy bedtime later. There is a cafe onsite featuring dishes like burgers and pizza and an added caveat for the grownups is there’s an adults only hot tub onsite as well.

Clifton Hill

Another of the aspects of Niagara Falls that kids will love is Clifton Hill. Spread out over a few blocks Clifton Hill is full of rides, games, and more that will have your kids playing and laughing the whole time. Niagara Falls arcades have been a staple in the family friendly side of Niagara for decades so be sure to add this to your list.

Niagara Falls Boat Ride

You simply can’t visit Niagara and not take a boat ride to the base of the falls. Not only is this one of the most amazing perspectives of the falls you can get but your kids will love it. The power of the rushing water is mesmerizing and your kids will love the fact that they get soaking wet from the mist and spray. Just be sure to waterproof your camera so you can capture their smiles.

Grownup Time

Even though it can be difficult to find time to spend as a couple, it’s important that parents make every effort to capture even a small amount of alone time. Check with your hotel concierge about trusted babysitting and nanny services in the area and spend a day or an evening doing grownup things. You deserve it.

Visit a Winery

Some winery tours will allow minors but if you’re going to visit one of the Niagara region’s wineries it’s best to do so when you don’t have to keep an eye on a little one. Plus, wine tasting can be a very romantic thing to do with your partner, especially if you choose a tour or specific winery that offers up scrumptious food paired with the wines. Your kids might not be too excited about brie stuffed figs.

Fine Dining

Niagara Falls boasts some of the best restaurants in the region so if you can squeeze in a date night be sure to do so. Windows by Jamie Kennedy is one of the best in the region as far as farm to table cuisine goes and The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra serves up impressive Italian food and wine all with a grand view of the falls.

Casino Niagara

Another great option if you can get the time is a visit to the casino. You can spend the evening trying your luck on the gaming floor, take in a show, or dance at one of the many onsite clubs. It’s a great excuse to dress up and enjoy the fact that you’re on vacation and who knows? You just might win big.

Family vacations are supposed to be fun for everyone but every parent knows that’s not always as easily said than done. Use some of these tips when planning your Niagara Falls vacation and ensure everyone has a fantastic time.