3 Places to Continue Your Yoga Practice When You Visit Niagara Falls

image001Whether you’re a serious student of yoga or just beginning what you hope will be a life-long practice, going on vacation can throw a wrench into the spokes of your well-meaning routine. After all, isn’t that why we go on vacation in the first place? To rest from our labors, reawaken our delight in the uncommon, and jolt ourselves out of our habitual endeavors? Unlike many of the habits of daily life, however, yoga isn’t something that clouds our vision or adds stress. Instead, it brings the practitioner more fully into the present, which actually makes it the perfect companion to a vacation.

Don’t forego your yoga just because you’re on vacation. Come to Niagara Falls where you can have your cake and eat it, too. You won’t have to miss a beat with your yoga practice thanks to these three fantastic yoga studios.

1. Niagara Falls Yoga Center

Situated in the center of town on Lundy’s Lane, the Niagara Falls Yoga Center has classes for almost every skill level and interest. Unlike some centers that either feel like they’re housed in a gym — or actually are housed in a gym — the Niagara Falls Yoga Center feels like a home or retreat center, which makes it an ideal space to practice yoga away from what you’re used to. From beginner yoga to Vinyasa and restorative classes, there is plenty to choose from each and every day. Purchase a package of five if you’ll be in town for a week, buy a single class when you walk-in, or plan your trip to coincide with a special workshop, such as the “Backbends and Heart Opening” workshop that’s taking place on November 18.

2. Shine On Yoga

image003A teacher who found her way to yoga first via the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Diane Manjeet Herring opened Shine On Yoga in Niagara Falls in 2011. A deep interest in yoga as therapy has driven and continues to drive her practice and instruction, and she is a tireless advocate of yoga for everyone, regardless of age, income, or ability. Especially if you’re new to the practice or have worried about past injuries or limitations, taking a class at Shine On while you’re vacationing is a great idea. The yoga studio is beautiful and welcoming, and a wide variety of different types of yoga classes are available. Shine On Yoga also offers a free yoga class for the community and visitors now and again at the Niagara Falls Museum.

3. Leela

A yoga studio and massage center, Leela is a great place to take in a yoga class if you want that class to culminate in a relaxing and restorative massage. Centrally located, Leela offers classes on eight- and six-week course schedules, but anyone is welcome to drop-in at any time. While their schedule doesn’t offer as many class options as the other two, the studio is smaller, which, can help a newcomer feel more at ease. Especially if you’d like your yoga practice to double as a spa day, Leela is ideal.

Keep up with your yoga practice over vacation. Head to Niagara Falls, and take advantage of these three great yoga studios.