12 Fun Things to Do in Niagara Falls – for Free!

Niagara Falls WaterfallsIf you want a vacation that is just as affordable as it is fun, look no further than Niagara Falls. There are tons of free Niagara Falls attractions for the whole family, that enable you to learn about the area without taking a hit to your wallet.

Check out this list of Niagara Falls things to do, and create your own Niagara Falls pass that takes you around the region. Here are 12 fun things to do in Niagara Falls that are completely free, from Niagara Falls fireworks to wine tastings and tours.

1. Niagara Falls Waterfalls

Obviously, the biggest draw to heading to Niagara Falls is to check out the rushing waterfalls that make up this momentous sight. There are lots of free vantage points that let you see the falls via car or by foot, and every season and even time of day provides a new type of view.

2. Niagara Falls Fireworks

If you’re in Niagara Falls late spring through fall, you might be able to catch a free night-time Niagara Falls firework show. You can see the Niagara Falls fireworks schedule here. In summer months, there are free shows every night. It’s absolutely majestic to see bursting colors with the backdrop of Niagara Falls.

3. Niagara Falls Winery Tours

There are dozens of Niagara Falls wineries, with many serving the gotta-try ice wine. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes picked straight from the vine. You can sample wines like these at a free wine tasting or tour, offered by many Niagara Falls wineries.

4. Botanical Garden Niagara Parks

Niagara Falls Botanical GardensStroll through more than 40 hectares (99 acres) of Niagara Falls plants and flowers at the Botanical Garden Niagara Parks, including a rose garden with more than 2,400 roses. See Niagara Falls perennials, herb and vegetable plantings, azaleas, rhododendrons and more.

5. Niagara Glen

Getting in touch with nature is one of the best ways to enjoy Niagara Falls. The Niagara Glen has been a designated nature reserve since 1992 and includes 4 km (2.5) of nature paths to explore. See Niagara Falls flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

6. Floral Clock

If you’re in Niagara Falls between April through September, check out the Floral Clock, a clock made completely of flowers. It’s just north of the Botanical Gardens and is made up of around 16,000 carpet bedding plants. The flowers are changed twice a year, so you can see something new when you visit.

7. Niagara Falls Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning, the Niagara Falls Farmers Market brings fresh produce and locally made goods to the public. Many vendors offer free samples of goodies like fresh strawberries, peppers and radishes, Niagara Falls honey and warm bread.

8. Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s Chocolate World is free fun for the whole family. This four-story shop features all things chocolate, and you can score a free sample of Hershey’s fudge. Seeing this many sweets in one place is something you’ll be sure to remember!

9. Dufferin Islands

Another gorgeous spot to enjoy Niagara Falls nature is Dufferin Islands, a secluded area spanning 10 acres. Traverse the group of small islands via bridges and footpaths, and encounter Niagara Falls wildlife like fish and birds among the indigenous vegetation. If you’re craving a respite from the hustle and bustle of busier tourist areas, this is the place to head.

10. Niagara Falls History Museum

Want to learn some Niagara Falls history? Head to the Niagara Falls History Museum on Thursday nights, when admission is free after 5 p.m. See exhibits featuring memorabilia from the War of 1812, plus community galleries and other special rotating exhibits.

11. Niagara River Recreation Trail

The Niagara River Recreation Trail is a lovely paved path that’s great for walking, biking, rollerblading or whatever you’re into. Travel routes along 53 km (35 miles) on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. The trail is divided into four scenic sections that each take around an hour or two to walk at a leisurely pace. It’s a great way to see the Niagara Falls region for free.

12. Clifton Hill

Nicknamed “The Street of Fun,” Clifton Hill is a bright, dazzling midway touting Niagara Falls attractions like karaoke, haunted houses, arcade games, thrilling rides and sweets shops. It’s free to walk around. If you’re into the buzz of entertainment and people having a blast, you’ll get energized just visiting this spot.

Book a Niagara Falls Trip

Visiting Niagara Falls doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many free things to do in Niagara Falls everywhere you turn, from nature excursions to learning about Niagara Falls history.

If you want to visit this global destination, start planning your trip. Book a Niagara Falls hotel, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.