3 Reasons to Take Your Valentine to Niagara Falls

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nfh3.jpegIt’s nearly February, which means there is precious little time left to plan an extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration for the person you love. While rumors and legends abound regarding this holiday’s exciting origins, Valentine’s Day remains one of the few days a year devoted to observing the wonder of steady relationships, which makes it especially sacred among loving, committed couples.

If you have been negligent in the planning of your Valentine’s Day, don’t fret: Niagara Falls is a romantic paradise year-round, which makes it a perfect destination for you this February 14. Read on to find out why you simply can’t miss out on Niagara’s Valentine’s splendor.

1. Legendary Destination

It is no fluke that Niagara Falls has long been heralded as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. The concept of the honeymoon got its start in the 19th century, when recently married couples were sent away to exotic or exciting locales to spend time with only each other. Niagara Falls became a haven for starry-eyed lovers around the same time honeymoons were becoming common practice; a handful of famous faces, including Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia, have made the trek to experience this wonder of the world, and since then, countless committed couples have visited the region after saying “I do” to revel in the power and serenity of the Falls. You and your honey would be another important couple in the long legacy of lovers in Niagara Falls.

nfh4.jpeg2. Thrilling Views

Niagara Falls, which includes both Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the two American waterfalls, can rightfully claim an astounding breadth of adjectives, though most visitors’ favorites are: breathtaking, awe-inspiring, majestic, and — no surprise here — romantic. Simply setting eyes on the waterfalls makes most travelers’ hearts skip a beat, and sharing the experience with a close lover may cause unending fibrillation (figuratively, of course).

You and your sweetheart can enjoy views of the Falls from a variety of angles. The Niagara Parks system offers lookouts all around the escarpment and valley, and a handful of vendors provide unique looks at the Falls from below and behind. For a new heart-stopping experience, consider bringing your valentine along on a helicopter tour of the region. You’ll see birds-eye views of the waterfalls and surrounding areas and make memories to last your lifetime together.

3. Nighttime Strolls

Niagara Falls is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. While the sun is up, the bright, natural rays glitter on the fast-moving water and highlight the mysterious mists, creating an ambiance unlike anywhere else. However, after sunset, the landscape definitely doesn’t fall into distressing darkness. Instead, the city and Falls shine even brighter.

While the appealing attractions of the city twinkle in the background, couples can stroll along any of the walkways overlooking the Falls to see them illuminated in all colors of the rainbow — including passionate reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day. Is there anything as romantic as a simple stroll with your darling on a bright night?

Brand New Microbrewery Set to Open May 2015 At Falls Avenue

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Niagara Brewing Companybrewery-profile-no-circle is a brand new microbrewery opening in May 2015 on Falls Avenue Resort, in the heart of the Niagara Falls tourist district. This unique property will offer guests first-rate craft beer, developed on-site by brewing industry veterans. Niagara Brewing Company will utilize locally sourced ingredients in carefully crafted brews in order to offer a truly unique Niagara Falls experience.

Niagara Brewing Company is the latest addition to the local craft beer movement and is committed to offering guests first-rate beer in an amazing setting, just steps away from the spectacular Niagara Falls.

Culinary Canada: Niagara’s Cuvee Weekend

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nfh1.jpegNiagara Falls and the surrounding regions are known for their abundant fertility, which is why so many foodies journey to the area to experience it. Every day in Niagara is a celebration of the Earth’s bounty and the talent of food and beverage artisans, as countless restaurants and wineries showcase the region’s local flavor.

However, at the beginning of every year, Canada’s most illustrious chefs and winemakers pay homage to the area in the annual Cuvee festival that takes place right in the middle of Niagara Falls. This year, you too can taste the best of Niagara Falls during Cuvee in late February.

What Is It?

Cuvee is a celebration — of the glorious food, wine, and company available in Niagara Falls. However, more specifically, Cuvee is comprised of three events that beckon foodies from all walks of life.

The first is the Grand Tasting. With an atmosphere not unlike an outdoor fair, this event offers guests samplings of the region’s best wines and foods, freshly prepared and poured at countless live cooking stations around the room.

Directly following the Grand Tasting is a less formal and more moving event: an after-party entitled Apres Cuvee. After becoming sated on the award-winning food and wine, guests are welcome to dance off their meals to live entertainment and enjoy sparkling wines and craft beers well into the night.

Finally, the largest and most flexible event of the festival is Cuvee en Route, which takes guests directly to the region’s best wineries and restaurants for specially prepared flights of wine and meal pairings. The list of participating vendors changes and expands every year due to the popularity of Cuvee.

When Is It?

In 2015, Cuvee will take place during the last weekend in February. That means from Friday, February 27 to Sunday, March 1, visitors will be subject to some of the best food and wine on the continent.

Arguably the most exciting event, the Grand Tasting, occurs the very first night, February 27, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Apres Cuvee then spans 9:30 p.m. to midnight. However, Cuvee en Route can be enjoyed at all times during the following two days of the festival.

nfh2.jpegWhere Is It?

Niagara Falls is more than a city — it is an entire culinary region waiting to be explored. While the kick-off event, the Grand Tasting and its accompanying after-party, is held in the Fallsview Casino Resort, the vast majority of the festival’s activities take place all around Niagara country. Cuvee en Route will take you to various wineries and restaurants to sample specially prepared meals in iconic spaces.

How Do I Get In?

Tickets are currently on sale for any of the events of Cuvee. The Weekend Ticket grants permission to all of the festival’s attractions, including the Grand Tasting, Apres Cuvee party, and Cuvee en Route. Alternatively, for less expense, visitors can purchase only a Passport for Cuvee en Route to gain access to the special services at participating wineries. Note that attendees must be at least 19 years old to purchase tickets.

While the festival is meant to be enjoyed as a cohesive unit, guests are allowed to opt out of certain events in favor of exploring other areas of Niagara Falls, like the verdant parks or thrilling attractions. After all, foodies may be devoted to high-quality meals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a boat ride or an arcade game while on vacation.

What’s Happening in Niagara Falls in January

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NFHblog8.jpegA new year has arrived, which means Niagara Falls can celebrate with a whole month’s worth of festivals and events themed for winter and new beginnings. Instead of ringing in the New Year by going back to your same-old humdrum lifestyle, take a vacation to Niagara Falls for one of these unique experiences.

1. Icewine Appreciation

The Niagara region is world-renowned for its fantastic soils and climates ideal for winemaking, but one varietal stands out from the rest as Niagara Falls’ signature wine of choice: icewine. This spin on riesling, a more familiar Old World varietal, requires vintners to actually freeze their grapes in their fields, which is why the Niagara region is so perfect for icewine. Despite the chilly process in which its made, icewine boasts strong smells and flavors of warm, tropical fruits like papayas and pineapples, making it delectably sweet yet balanced with a fortifying acidity.

In Niagara Falls, January is dedicated to icewine, with events and festivals throughout the month commemorating its creation and reveling in its taste. Visit with expert chefs and master winemakers as they share their culinary delights in tribute to the region’s most famous wine. Every weekend there is something to see or do, so you can’t miss the icewine festivities if you come to Niagara Falls in January.

2. Zero Gravity Circus

At the very end of the Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls is hosting a circus bound to dazzle and amaze. The Zero Gravity Circus isn’t a tented, three-ringed spectacle full of goofy clowns like you may first think. Instead, high-flying acrobats, jelly-boned contortionists, and veritable masters of fire will take over Queen Victoria Park, transforming it into a wonderland of mystery and peculiarity.

3. Musical Visitors

NFHblog9.jpegEvery month, musical artists from all genres pass through Niagara Falls, playing some of the best shows of their tours, and January is no different. During the next four weeks, we have one of the most exciting lineups of the year, and it would be a shame to miss any of these talented musicians’ exciting and sonorous acts.

  • Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone: January 2-3
  • John Legend: January 5-6
  • Supertramp: January 8
  • Smokey Robinson: January 8-9
  • Rick Springfield: January 29-30
  • Hotel California: January 30
  • Fresh Horses: January 31

Tickets are going fast, so if any of these artists catches your eye, you should reserve your seats as soon as possible.

4. Nature at the Museum

January marks the beginning of a brand-new exhibit at Niagara Falls History Museum. Entitled “Nature,” this exhibit aims to impart upon visitors the importance of maintaining natural biodiversity throughout the world. With a series of displays explaining crucial links between species, different types of habitats, the threat of globalization, and the benefit of preservation and restoration, the museum hopes visitors will leave with a newfound sense of responsibility for the environment. Running only from January through to April, this exhibit won’t last long, and if you come in January, you’ll be able to participate in any of the other exiting events on the schedule for the month.

How Niagara Falls Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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rickynelsonrememberedMaking lasting change in your life is never easy, which is why we often save resolutions for January 1, when we have a brand new year and a clean slate of opportunity. However, when you’re surrounded by your regular friends and activities, it can be exceedingly difficult to break the cycle and construct a new you. If you are looking to actually fulfill any of your resolutions in 2015, here’s why you should head to Niagara Falls.

You Can Save Money and Still Enjoy a Vacation

A popular resolution is to get out and see the world, but that is often difficult for those with tight budgets. So why not start out with a trip to Canada? Niagara Falls offers one of the most budget-friendly vacations in the world. There are hundreds of activities and attractions that are completely free and completely worthwhile.

For example, it costs nothing to view the city’s most popular sight, which also happens to be internationally recognized as a Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls itself. On top of the Falls, there are miles of free nature trails through parks and forests to explore on foot, as well as miles more of scenic cycling or driving roads weaving throughout the region.

Because Niagara Falls is most popular among budding families and young couples without much income to spare, even paid attractions won’t break the bank. Lodging in the middle of the action will actually save you the expense of transport, so you will be able to afford to see any number of award-winning shows or dine at top culinary spots in the city. Come to Niagara Falls for a fulfilling vacation, and put the rest of your earnings in a savings account for future use.

You Can Get Fit

NFHblog7.jpegVacations aren’t always the most conducive to weight-loss goals, but Niagara Falls has a built-in fitness center that will keep you moving while you relax. Just minutes from the hubbub of the tourist district of the city are the miles of hiking trails and walking paths that will take you into the heart of Niagara Falls wilderness. Simply by meandering through the pristine parks and fantastic forests throughout Niagara Falls and the surrounding region, you can burn calories and stay true to your fitness goals without even realizing it. Here are two sights you can only spot by adventuring on foot:

  • Whirlpool Rapids. Regarded as some of the most dangerous rapids in the world for their speed and intensity, Niagara River’s Whirlpool Rapids can be seen up-close and personal on a short three-mile hike.
  • Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens. Encompassing more than 99 acres, these stunning gardens are crisscrossed with walking paths for visitors to enjoy the rotating arrangements of local and imported flowers. The most popular spot is the rose garden, which is world famous for its more than 2,400 blooms.

You Can Quit Smoking

Believe it or not, Niagara Falls can help lifelong smokers finally work towards kicking their habit, too. Canada as a whole has a lower percentage of smokers than the United States; less than 17 percent of Canadians regularly buy cigarettes (and that number continues to annually decline), while more than 20 percent of Americans smoke. Coming to Niagara Falls, cigarette smokers will find a fresh, natural environment generally free of common smoking triggers, like stress and fellow smokers. Thus, a vacation to Niagara might be just the thing to help you in ending that dangerous, lasting addiction.

How Niagara Falls Came to Be

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NFHblog3.jpegEvery fantastic place needs a fantastic origin story. Indigenous groups all over the world have extraordinary mythologies explaining the creation of a region’s landmarks, the existence of the moon and stars, the birth of humankind, and more. Niagara Falls is no different; ever since the first Native Americans set eyes on the unbelievable intensity and beauty of the Falls, people have been telling stories about how they became what they are today. However, while traditional stories may involve gods and magic, the truth behind Niagara Falls’ creation is just as amazing. Learn more about the origin of the region so when you visit Niagara Falls this year you’ll fully comprehend their majesty and power.

Precambrian Niagara

More than 600 million years ago, the area we recognize as the Great Lakes region, including Niagara, was buried beneath a vast, shallow sea. For more than 100 million years, the forces of nature churned the waters of this North American sea until the hard rocks below became fine, soft sediment resting on top of hard bedrock. The sea held all types of life, including vast tropical reefs filled with fish, but the violent commotion of waves caused by storms often destroyed the beautiful marine communities and left their limestone skeletons at the bottom of the waters.

During this time, the rest of the North American continent underwent extreme topographical shifts. The Appalachian Mountains shot up out of the ground, new rivers wound their way around the landscape, and different types of geology appeared all over.

Phanerozoic Niagara

NFHblog.jpegAfter 300 million years, the great sea dried up, leaving layer upon layer of various sediments. While animals all over the world started to grow and develop — and the first dinosaurs started stretching their legs — the fledgling rivers from the Precambrian Era grew to massive sizes and carved their names into the ground. The machinations of these rivers eventually formed the basins later inhabited by four of the Great Lakes: Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

Meanwhile, the landmass migrated farther and farther northward, so temperatures dropped and the environment changed. In quick succession, four major ice ages cut into the continent, their glaciers leaving huge scars upon the landscape. The final ice age, at its peak around 25,000 years ago, was particularly rough on the Niagara region, as the Wisconsin glaciation covered most of Canada in dense ice more than a mile thick. This ice mercilessly crushed everything in its path, from forests to mountains.

Then, roughly 12,000 years later, the glacier reversed its movement. Melt from the retreating glacier was channeled through the deep cuts carved in the earth, and the rivers we recognize today — the Hudson, the Ohio, and the great Niagara — were formed.

Eventually, the last ice age ended and the water levels dropped, revealing the freshly cut Niagara Escarpment. Originally, the Niagara River appeared to be a series of massive lakes spilling into one another. Indeed, Lake Erie fell from the top of the escarpment into the small Lake Tanawanda, which in turn spilled into Lake Iroquois. However, as the water tapered off, the ancient lakes took the shape of a river, and the spillways transformed into Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls has been in formation for thousands and thousands of years, and the landscape continues to change and move with complete disregard to the majesty and wonder it currently inspires. In fact, the
Falls themselves are working to fundamentally alter the scenery, as the rushing waters carve inches off the escarpment every year. Still, all humankind can do is sit back and take note of the incredible power and beauty of nature.

A Very Niagara New Year’s Eve

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nfh10.jpegThe holidays are here, which means it won’t be long until it’s 2015. However, just before January sets in, there’s one last holiday more romantic than all the rest to enjoy: New Year’s Eve. There is absolutely no better way to ring in the New Year than next to your partner, and there’s no better place to be than Niagara Falls. To celebrate the end of 2014, surprise your sweetheart with a vacation package to one of the world’s capitols of love. There are plenty of New Year’s packages to choose from, so explore your options and find one that suits your tastes.

World-Class Accommodations

We offer all manner of rooms for a variety of visitors, but for New Year’s Eve, we understand couples want something special. The Sheraton on the Falls is one of the highest class hotels in the area, and it offers stunning views of the falls as well as close proximity to all the best Niagara attractions. The Sheraton has a rich history of rich and famous individuals who have enjoyed its luxurious rooms and amenities. If you want to shower your loved one with the finest this New Year’s choose the Fallsview Gala Package to book one or two nights in the Sheraton and experience the best of the best.

With this package, you’ll also enjoy New Year’s dining at the fabulous Fallsview Resort and access to the hotel’s amazing party, replete with dancing, Champagne, music, and party favors. The next day, you’ll be able to recover in the Sheraton’s amazing Christienne Spa with a couple’s massage, facial, bath, and more.

World-Class Dining

nfh11.jpegNiagara Falls is a verdant and fertile region where chefs enjoy direct access to the freshest and tastiest ingredients, so it is no wonder that renowned chef Massimo Capra has opened an award-winning restaurant deep in the hustle and bustle of Niagara’s tourist district, The Rainbow Room. In addition to any accommodation package you select, you can purchase a three- or four-course dinner at the Rainbow Room and treat you and your partner to some of the best dining around.

However, if you’d like the most exclusive meal in Niagara, you can elect to participate in the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra Package, which includes one- or two-night accommodations at the Crowne Plaza Fallsview Hotel and a table d’hote dinner in the Rainbow Room.

World-Class Party

If the lavish lifestyle isn’t exactly for you, you can always select the Party in the Park Package where you’ll be mere minutes from the biggest New Year’s party north of the border. You can book any number of nights in the Falls Avenue Resort — adjacent to all sorts of attractions, like the Fallsview Casino and Fallsview Indoor Water Park. Then on the big night, walk directly to Queen Victoria Park for a night filled with the year’s best fireworks displays, the world’s best names in music, and the country’s best celebration — until next year rolls around, that is.

Why You Should Sign up for Our Email Newsletters

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NFHblog1.jpegWe get it — popovers are becoming so commonplace around the Web that you hardly even notice them anymore. As soon as you navigate to a new website, your screen darkens and a cleverly worded advertisement shows up asking you to complete a short survey or submit your email address for access to more information you crave. Without hesitation, you click the ever-shifting X in the corner, or search for the “No, Thanks” link at the bottom. For most websites, this is understandable behavior.

However, Niagara Falls Hotels isn’t most websites; we offer the absolute best deals on the Web for lodging and vacation excitement in Niagara Falls. If you have an interest in visiting Niagara Falls — and why wouldn’t you when the city offers unparalleled natural beauty and adrenaline-inducing excitement — here’s why you should sign up for our email exclusives.

1. Extra Special Deals

While our website is filled to the brim with excellent opportunities for you and your family in Niagara Falls, we reserve our best deals for our customers who are especially devoted to savings and so not everyone is privy to them. However, for those particular clients, we can reserve unbelievable savings, and to become one of these special few, you must be on our extraordinary email list.

2. Unique Vacation Ideas

NFHblog2.jpegNot many people realize the wealth of activities and attractions available at Niagara Falls. Thus, during their vacation, they participate only in the most popular tours and most likely leave underwhelmed (at best) or stressed that they missed out on something more worthwhile (at worst). Yet, those plugged in to an email newsletter are more likely to have a whirlwind trip, filled with hustle and bustle as well as rest and relaxation.

The employees at Niagara Falls Hotels live and breathe everything Niagara, which means we know absolutely every event, attraction, and festival in the area. Using email newsletters, we point clients in the direction of what should absolutely not be missed.

3. Breaking News

While the waterfalls may have existed for thousands of years, the city of Niagara Falls continues to grow and change. Thrilling new attractions, like beautiful parks or exciting retail spaces, are added every year, which means on each trip to Niagara Falls you’re guaranteed to see something new. We take responsibility for filling you in on all the goings-on in and around the Niagara region, so you know when you absolutely must book a return trip.

4. Elite Giveaways

It may not happen often, but every once in a while we like to give back to our devotees in a more direct way: namely, gifts. Contests and giveaways are a nice way to reward the people who enjoy hearing from us, and our prizes are always the absolute best Niagara can offer. It may be tickets to a show you’ve always wanted to see or entrance into an exclusive event; it may be a multi-course dinner at an award-winning restaurant or free nights’ lodging in one of our fabulous partner hotels. No matter what it is, if you aren’t subscribed, you can’t win it.

The Future of Cinema in Niagara Falls

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nfh6.jpegIn the past few years, 3-D has exploded. With amazing new technology, 3-D movies are more realistic than ever, allowing for a completely immersive experience during a feature film. However, outside the theater 3-D is starting to catch on as well, as 3-D televisions gain a real foothold in the market. 3-D video game devices and tablet computers allow users to see deep into their screens like never before.

3-D is certainly a phenomenon — but what if we told you that it’s already outdated? For years now, Niagara Falls has boasted a cinema that employs a technology that puts 3-D to shame. The next time you come to Niagara Falls, bring your family to iWerks 4-D Moving Theater to experience the future of movies, television, and video games.

Amazing Effects

3-D technology allows the audience to see more detail than traditional films, but the unique 4-D experience gives the audience the opportunity to feel, smell, and taste movies like never before. Iwerks’ one-of-a-kind multi-sensory movie studio will bring the action to life with water spray, gusts of wind, floor rumbling, and more. You can safely feel the worst of nature’s most intense weather, from tornadoes to volcanoes to hurricanes. As much a ride as a show, this 4-D experience is top-notch fun for kids of all ages; it is easy to lose yourself to the fun when you’re in such an immersive environment.

Iwerks has been developing its amazing 4-D technology for more than a decade, and it continues to add to the plethora of effects in its theaters. Every day, Iwerks brings audiences one step closer to entering the scene and truly feeling a part of the on-screen action.

Excellent Entertainment

nfh8.jpegIwerks puts you right in the middle of some of the best family entertainment around. This winter, treat your family to the heart-warming and foot-tapping excitement of “Happy Feet,” where you’ll see your favorite dancing penguin Mumble get into all kinds of musical trouble in astounding 4-D. Feel the chills of the Antarctic and the beats of Mumble’s rhythms with Iwerks’ multi-sensory theater.

Alternatively, if the December chill makes an icy movie sound unappealing, venture deep into the tropical jungle in “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” with top stars like Dwayne Johnson, John Hutcherson, and Michael Caine. Experience nature’s most deadly phenomena as you follow them deep underground to the lost city of Atlantis.

Convenient Location

If you and your family are staying in the popular Fallsview region of Niagara Falls, you won’t need to travel far to experience amazement at Iwerks. Simply head to the Adventure City neighborhood of Clifton Hills to find the theater, where you can purchase tickets and take your seats for the movie experience of a lifetime. Then, after you’ve been sufficiently wowed by the film and effects, you can continue your amazing vacation at any of the district’s fantastic attractions: Tackle any of the other rides like the Skywheel or Ghostblasters, visit Clifton Hill for its top-notch shopping and arcades, or simply take it easy after your 4-D experience by seeing and feeling the falls in person.

3 Holiday Presents Perfect for Anyone on Your List

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nfh3.jpegIt’s December, which means every day brings us closer and closer to the holidays we look forward to all year long. The festivities will bring families and friends closer together to share feasts and reminisce about the year soon passed. While the holiday season is generally full of joy and magic, there is one aspect known to turn anyone into a tangled knot of stress: gifts. The giving and receiving of presents around the holidays is a cherished tradition, but it can be a cause of tension when one is tasked with providing a gift for a person who has it all or doesn’t want anything. Luckily, this holiday season you can add to your arsenal a gift truly ideal for anyone on your list: a trip to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Hotels offers a generous handful of packages available for purchase as gifts. Peruse your options and choose one that best suits your intended recipient; then watch as your gift brings pure delight to the holidays.

1. Ultimate Couples Package

If you know a couple who deserves a relaxing and romantic weekend away, this package will whisk them away from it all for an amazing vacation. With the package, your lucky couple will receive a night’s accommodation at one of the city’s most lavish hotels (Sheraton on the Falls or Crowne Plaza Fallsview). They will also receive three vouchers for full-service meals at the city’s absolute best restaurants: Windows by Jamie Kennedy, the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra, and the Fallsview Buffet. Additionally, your couple will receive passes to a variety of romantic attractions, including a wine tasting and time at the gorgeous Christienne Spa. And, as a surprise, they’ll receive a special gift from Hershey’s Chocolate World.

2. Fallsview Indoor Water Park Package

When you are looking to surprise a family or group of kids (no matter the age) you couldn’t do better than purchasing this wet and wild package. Fallsview Indoor Water Park is the best water park in the country, providing thrills and spills all over its massive indoor space. The vacation package provides accommodation at your choice of the four fantastic Fallsview hotels as well as four two-day passes to the water park. No matter the weather outside, your recipients can spend their vacation sliding, soaking, and splashing in Niagara Falls.

3. Customized Package

nfh4.jpegIf you prefer simply to provide the funds and let your benefactor choose his or her favorite attractions, you can give a Falls Avenue Resort gift card with any denomination between $20 and $1,000. This money can be used throughout most of the locations and attractions in the exciting Fallsview area of Niagara Falls. Recipients can choose to spend their gift among four fantastic hotels, 10 delicious eateries, and several attractions and shops. When you are faced with a recipient you don’t know well, you can’t give them a better gift than freedom.

Niagara Falls has something for everybody, which means it is the best possible present for anyone. Spread even more joy this holiday season — and avoid the headache of a difficult recipient — by purchasing a vacation package everyone will enjoy.