The Old Scow Niagara Falls

On August 6th, 1918 The Old Scow steel barge was loaded with rock and had two men on board – Gustav Lofberg and James Harris.  The Old Scow was being towed down the upper river by a Hydro tug boat when its tow line broke and the Old Scow was set adrift. Fortunately for the men thought to open the dumping hatches in the bottom of the craft and the scow was grounded 767 m (838 yd) from the brink of the falls, where the men were surrounded by treacherous rapids.


The Old Scow that is visible from both the Canadian & US sides has been marooned in the upper rapids just above the Falls and opposite the Floral Show house, since August 6, 1918.  It is an aging reminder of near tragedy and a spectacular rescue.


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