Niagara Parks Power Station

Experience Niagara Parks newest and most electrifying attraction – the Niagara Parks Power Station!  Home to massive turbines that once powered the province by converting energy from the Horseshoe Falls into electric power, the Power Station has been re-imagined to offer exciting new experiences.

  • Niagara Parks Power Station

    Niagara parks power station

  • The Tunnel at Niagara Parks Power Station

    The Tunnel at Niagara Parks Power Station

  • Niagara Parks Power Station

    Niagara Parks Power Station

  • Niagara Parks Power Station

    Niagara Parks Power Station

  • Currents - Niagara's Power Transformed

    Currents – Niagara’s Power Transformed


Power Station

After a long career as one of Ontario’s most important electricity sources, the station was left behind when technology moved forward but recent modifications to the facility have turned it into an interactive display of hydropower.  The daytime experience takes visitors on a tour of history through science, restored artifacts, exhibits and interpretive installations.

Currents-Niagara’s Power Transformed

This attraction really shines at night, when the experience evolves to include a 3-D multimedia experience “Currents-Niagara’s Power Transformed”. The night time show features spectacular state-of the-art sound and projection mapping technology for a electrifying light show to the beat of an energized musical score. The show immerses guests in the hydroelectric process by following a droplet of water on its journey through the historic turbines to become electricity.

The Tunnel

Discover a never-before-seen underground world and reveals more fascinating details about Niagara’s incredible story of power. You will descend 180 feet beneath the main generating floor to a 2,200-foot-long tunnel which was once the spillway for spent water from the hydroelectric process to flow back into the Niagara River basin. Here guests experience unparalleled views of both the Horseshoe and American Falls from the newly constructed viewing platform which offers a new perspective of the lower Niagara River and Falls.

The tunnel experience at the Niagara Parks Power Station is included with regular admission to the station.

Power Station At Night

An all-new nighttime experience gives you unprecedented access to the iconic Niagara Parks Power Station + Tunnel after dark!  Experience a different perspective of Niagara’s cathedral of power as you wander through the beautifully lit grounds of the main generator hall before descending to the Tunnel. There you will follow the 2,200 foot long path illuminated by brilliant LED lighting technology projecting archival images and immersive sound effects along the way. At the end of the Tunnel, the illuminated Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls await. Every corner of this experience tells a story through the interplay of state-of-the-art LED lighting and the magnificent structure to create a cast of colours and shadows.


Open Daily

Currents runs continuously from 7:00pm-10:00pm


7230 Niagara Parkway
Niagara Falls, Ontario L0S 1A0