Marcy’s Woods

The north shore of Lake Erie contains one of Canada’s most unique biodiversities, Marcy’s Woods. A protected private nature reserve, Marcy’s Woods is 285 acres of intact Carolinian forest that offers spectacular scenery, and is the habitat of many plants, animals, birds and reptile species, several of which are endangered.

Through the private ownership of Marcy’s Woods by the Dino DiCienzo family, the natural resources of Marcy’s Woods including the sensitive wetlands, sand dunes, flora and fauna will be protected, restored and managed.

  • Beach at Marcy's Woods

    Beach at Marcy’s Woods

  • Marcy's Woods

    Marcy’s Woods


Marcy’s Woods is known as one of Canada’s most unique biodiversity’s. For more than 100 years the reserve was owned and managed by the Marcy family whose commitment to the protection of the sensitive land carried through the generations.

In 2003 the preservation and restoration of Marcy’s Woods was continued under the care of the DiCienzo family. Under private stewardship, the biodiversity has been meticulously looked after. Controlled access to the public has been maintained through relationships with local nature groups and clubs.


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