Best Rate Guarantee

By booking a room directly with the hotel on we guarantee
you are booking the best rate available. If you find a lower rate on another site
within 24 hours of making your reservation on your stay
will be free.

Terms & Conditions

Must have a confirmed reservation made on

Claim must be for the same hotel, same stay dates, same room type and the same
number of guests in the room

Rate comparison must be done net of all taxes and fees in Canadian dollars

Restrictions & Rate Limitations

Rates are limited based on advance purchase requirements, prepayments/deposit
requirements and cancel policies

Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to rates found on opaque third party sites, discount
or negotiated rates not available to the general public (AAA, CAA, AARP, government,
corporate rates etc.), hotel packages, third party packages including car, air etc.

Reservations made within 48 hours of arrival do not apply

For multiple night bookings the total room cost is compared

One claim per stay

To submit a Best Rate Guarantee claim please e-mail
with the subject line titled “ Best Rate Guarantee Claim”. Please
provide all contact information in the e-mail

The claim will then be reviewed and determined if it is legitimate or not.

Once the claim is investigated you will receive an e-mail with the verdict and potential

Best Rate Guarantee Claims are not awarded for a variance of $5.00 or less.

Best Rate Guarantee claims are not awarded on discounted or promotional rates.

One valid claim rewarded per year, per family.

Group and Conference Reservations are not eligible for Best Rate Guarantee Claims.

A valid claim is limited to a one night stay.

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