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What You’ll Find at the 2015 Niagara Jazz Festival

Jazz is a form of music as iconic as our region’s eponymous waterfalls, but unlike our waterfalls, jazz branches off, transforms, and reinvents itself at almost every turn. It started out in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a lively and inspired synthesis of African American, brass band, pop, and European music that incorporates improvisation, blue notes, poly-rhythms, swung meter, and more, and throughout its young lifespan — it is just a bit over 100 years old — jazz has spread throughout the world.

To the true jazz aficionado, the form is best experienced live, so long as the players playing are up to snuff, which is why—if you love jazz—you need to plan a trip to Niagara for the 2015 Niagara Jazz Festival.

The Festival

A newer music festival celebrating its second year, the Niagara Jazz Festival spans July 23 through the 26, and it takes place in the heart of Niagara’s beautiful wine country at venues that range from small, indoor, intimate settings to more airy and festive outdoor scenes. Both Canadian and international artists are featured throughout the festival’s four days, as well as culinary packages, award-winning wines, and great local craft beers. Last year’s festival saw more than 3,000 attendees over three days, and this year’s hopes to draw even more, as the Niagara region plays host to the lovers and keepers of North America’s greatest musical art form.

The Bands

There are plenty of entertainment and educational events slated to take place throughout the festival, but the highlights are the bands. Here are some of the performers making their way to the Niagara region for the NJF:

If you love jazz and you love wine country, come to Niagara the last weekend in July for the Niagara Jazz Festival.