Springlicious gets the downtown party started

This weekend is the annual Springlicious event in downtown Niagara Falls, just 5 minutes away from Falls Avenue Resort. The fun starts tonight at 5pm, don’t miss out! For full event details, visit Springlicious.ca.

For the first time since Ontario’s liquor laws were modernized in 2011, the festival will allow patrons to walk freely up and down Queen St. with their drinks. The street will be enclosed and security heightened, but still … it’s a little taste of New Orleans and Las Vegas coming downtown.

In previous years, Springlicious had a designated beer zone enclosed by a fence. Now, the whole street will be licensed, enclosed from Buckley Ave. to Erie Ave. About 10 microbreweries will be on site, including Niagara’s Best and Brick Brewing Company.

Springlicious gets the downtown party started by John Law, Niagara Falls Review

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