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Rekindle Your Love for the King of Rock in Niagara

It’s hard to believe, but Elvis Presley — the King of Rock and Roll — died almost 40 years ago. Since that time, his music and legendary prowess as a musician, performer, and singer have only grown in popularity, as is evidenced by the fact that he is still the world’s best-selling recording artist — over 600 million records have been sold around the world. It’s a number that continues to grow daily.

One way people’s love for Elvis’s is regularly stoked and satisfied is through the work of Elvis impersonators. While there were only about 170 Elvis impersonators working before Elvis died, it is estimated that there are currently over 85,000 working Elvis impersonators in the world today. Las Vegas alone has anywhere between 125 and 500 at any given time. While it may seem strange to someone who doesn’t love the King, for fans of his sultry, raw energy and unforgettable voice, a good Elvis impersonator is easily the next best thing to the King himself.

That’s why, if you’re an Elvis fan, it’s time to book a stay in Niagara Falls for a time that coincides with Wednesday, November 4. Already known for bringing in some of the best entertainment the world has to offer, Niagara Falls is rolling out the carpet for the King. For that one day only, one of the world’s top ten Elvis impersonators — Tim E — and his band — the Yes Men — are slated to perform their high-energy, unforgettable act at the Greg Frewin Theater.

The Show

Joined by Cynthia Pepper, the woman who starred with the King in the film, “Kissing Cousins,” Tim E and the Yes Men are a force to be reckoned with. The 12-piece band has more than enough ammunition to showcase Tim E’s uncanny ability to channel Elvis in all his splendor, talent, and passion. You’ll get to see and feel what it must have been like to be a teenager 60 years ago with the music, the moves, and the emotion of Tim E as Elvis Presley.

Why Tim E?

Just how like Elvis is Tim E? Well, he’s won more awards as an impersonator than can properly be counted, including “King of the World Elvis Tribute Artist World Champion” in 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee. Not only does he look like Elvis, sound like Elvis, and move like Elvis, his deep respect for and admiration of Elvis is clear from start to finish of his amazing two-hour show.

The Details

There will be two performances on November 4: one at 1 p.m. and one at 7:30 p.m. Depending on whether you choose the matinee or the evening show, tickets start at under $11.00 for children and $16.00 for adults. Children under 4 are free. At each show, Cynthia Pepper, Elvis’s life long friend and co-star, will take questions, and she will also be selling copies of her memoir, “Pigtails, Presley & Pepper.”

Plan your vacation to Niagara Falls so that it includes world-class entertainment. An Elvis impersonator to end all Elvis impersonation, Tim E and the Yes Men are that rarest of treats: a once-in-a-lifetime show that can be experienced in a once-in-a-lifetime place.