Prepare for the Weather of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is beautiful to visit year round. Whether it’s during the summer when the trees and plants are lush and green, the winter when the stark landscape paints an image of the brutal beauty inherent in the powers of nature. In the fall the trees begin to turn and cast their multi-hued affect upon their surroundings. Spring can show the promise Niagara Falls Rainbowof things to come beside the Falls, when the eternal shout of water and rock resonates with the potential of the future. Regardless of when you’re going, you’ll want to come prepared because there’s nothing to put a damper on vacation like unpacking Bermuda shorts in a snowstorm.


The Summer months range from warm to hot and lend themselves well to activities like boat rides to view the Falls, golf, vineyard tours, park strolls, gardens and outdoor shopping or general pool lounging. Although I recommend allowing a little space in your bags to pack anything you may pick up while you stay in Niagara Falls, this should be especially easy during the summer months. There will be no need to take up space with anything other than a light sweater in case temperatures drop below the nightly average of 15.5 degrees Celsius (about 60 degrees Fahrenheit). Although, a pair of shorts is highly recommended to anyone who isn’t hailing from truly hot climates as the daily highs average between 24.5 C and 27.5 C (76.1-81.5 F) depending on the month.

Spring & Fall

Spring and fall are roughly equivalent. They are potentially the most difficult seasons to predict in terms of weather, Frozen Niagara Fallsas you may look up to see snow flurries or the piercing rays of the sun. The record highs and lows extend over the greatest potential space during these two times of year so you should bring a little bit of everything and look to the weather report just before heading out the door.


The winter months are warmer than many other places of similar latitude, like the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The average low in the winter is below freezing with temperatures that range between -4.1 and -7.8 C (24.6-18 F) on average. The days average around or above freezing. However, don’t let that stop you; it’s arguably the most scenic time of year, and many hotels offer discounts due to the low customer base during the winter months. Remember to bring snow clothing as there is precipitation as much as half of the time. This would be one of the best times of year for viewing the falls from the Skylon Tower or visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary which have cozy views of the Falls and seemingly impossible amounts of tropical butterflies, respectively.

All in all Niagara is a gorgeous place to visit that is home to one of the world’s most scenic natural wonders and is sure to please anyone who brings the appropriate materials. Ultimately, if you are caught unprepared, there is sure to be a store in the area that will help you out with a few articles of whatever you may need.

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