3 Reasons to Take Your Valentine to Niagara Falls

nfh3.jpegIt’s nearly February, which means there is precious little time left to plan an extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration for the person you love. While rumors and legends abound regarding this holiday’s exciting origins, Valentine’s Day remains one of the few days a year devoted to observing the wonder of steady relationships, which makes it especially sacred among loving, committed couples.

If you have been negligent in the planning of your Valentine’s Day, don’t fret: Niagara Falls is a romantic paradise year-round, which makes it a perfect destination for you this February 14. Read on to find out why you simply can’t miss out on Niagara’s Valentine’s splendor.

1. Legendary Destination

It is no fluke that Niagara Falls has long been heralded as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. The concept of the honeymoon got its start in the 19th century, when recently married couples were sent away to exotic or exciting locales to spend time with only each other. Niagara Falls became a haven for starry-eyed lovers around the same time honeymoons were becoming common practice; a handful of famous faces, including Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia, have made the trek to experience this wonder of the world, and since then, countless committed couples have visited the region after saying “I do” to revel in the power and serenity of the Falls. You and your honey would be another important couple in the long legacy of lovers in Niagara Falls.

nfh4.jpeg2. Thrilling Views

Niagara Falls, which includes both Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the two American waterfalls, can rightfully claim an astounding breadth of adjectives, though most visitors’ favorites are: breathtaking, awe-inspiring, majestic, and — no surprise here — romantic. Simply setting eyes on the waterfalls makes most travelers’ hearts skip a beat, and sharing the experience with a close lover may cause unending fibrillation (figuratively, of course).

You and your sweetheart can enjoy views of the Falls from a variety of angles. The Niagara Parks system offers lookouts all around the escarpment and valley, and a handful of vendors provide unique looks at the Falls from below and behind. For a new heart-stopping experience, consider bringing your valentine along on a helicopter tour of the region. You’ll see birds-eye views of the waterfalls and surrounding areas and make memories to last your lifetime together.

3. Nighttime Strolls

Niagara Falls is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. While the sun is up, the bright, natural rays glitter on the fast-moving water and highlight the mysterious mists, creating an ambiance unlike anywhere else. However, after sunset, the landscape definitely doesn’t fall into distressing darkness. Instead, the city and Falls shine even brighter.

While the appealing attractions of the city twinkle in the background, couples can stroll along any of the walkways overlooking the Falls to see them illuminated in all colors of the rainbow — including passionate reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day. Is there anything as romantic as a simple stroll with your darling on a bright night?

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