3 Niagara Falls Winter Celebrations

nfh1.jpegWinter is arguably the most magical season. While it lacks the bright foliage of fall or the brilliant blooms of spring and summer, the long nights and chilly weather combine to create a sense of community and well-being unknown the rest of the year. Niagara Falls experiences a winter unlike anywhere else in the world, and every December the city comes together to celebrate the season in all the glory it deserves. When you visit Niagara Falls this winter, you can fall in love with winter all over again during these fantastic celebrations.

1. Winter Festival of Lights

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the company that harvests energy from the Niagara River to provide power to millions of Ontario homes, gives back to the community every year by creating a winter wonderland in one of the most fairly-like regions of the Niagara Parks: the Dufferin Islands.

For over 30 years, the OPG Festival of Lights has been dazzling visitors with more than 3 million twinkling tree lights and 120 animated displays. Learn about the Canadian outdoors with exhibits on Canadian’s natural wildlife and experience the spirituality of the season with world religions displays. Then, treat yourself to crowd-pleasers like the beautifully lit Zimmerman Fountain and the world’s largest Canadian-American flag.

The Festival is in full swing between November 15 and January 12. Entrance to the festival is free, but donations are heartily welcomed.

2. Winter Fireworks

Niagara Falls is proud to present world-class fireworks shows throughout the year, but its winter fireworks presentations certainly outshines them all. In the deep darkness of winter night, the bright bursts of color and light dazzle audiences. The gentle white layer of snow covering the landscape reflects the fireworks, making the entire countryside flash with reds, blues, oranges, and purples.

The fireworks display goes off every Friday during the winter season at 9 p.m., though additional shows will occur during significant holidays. You can stand in awe of the fire and light, or you can enjoy the booms and cracks of the display as you wander around other outdoor Niagara attractions.

3. Candlelight Stroll

nfh2.jpegWinter is a season best spent among family and friends, but a welcoming community can be just as warm and comfortable. Niagara-on-the-Lake goes out of its way to make winter travelers feel right at home. On December 5, citizens celebrate the season with a town-wide stroll through the historical streets and parks of their stunning city. Townsfolk will guide you and yours through their moon- and candle-lit pathways, and as you wind your way through a town stopped in time, you’ll be accompanied by gorgeous local choirs singing songs of the season. Like a page out of a storybook, this experience feels magical from beginning to end.

There is plenty to do in Niagara-on-the-Lake before and after your stroll. Visit any of the region’s world-class wineries to sample award-winning vintages and tasty pairings from their resident restaurants, or visit any of the town’s small shops and boutiques for unique and expertly crafted souvenirs.

Winter loves Niagara Falls, and visitors to the region during this season can’t help but share in the sentiment. Renew your feelings for the season and the Falls by booking a trip this December for these amazing opportunities.

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